Lament of the Fallen Chapter 33

As I mentioned in the previous chapter post, I’m going to take a small creative break to plan out the next part of the story. I have a rough idea what needs to happen, but i need to hash out the details, and I want to do it properly. I’ve also received feedback, which suggest slight changes I need to make to what I had originally thought. For instance, many have expressed that the training part of Dee’s journey has already gone on for long enough, and I think I agree. That means I will have to most likely find a way to deal with the next few years of Dee’s life in a way that keeps the events, but skips the training, which will most likely include time skipping a bit.

How long will the break be? I have no idea. If inspiration strikes me, then not very long. If not? Well then it might be a bit longer. Those that read my previous story know that I also had breaks between the arcs, so you should be familiar with what I’m talking about. Without further ado, on with the show!

Chapter 33


Author of The New Journey of an Old Soul and Lament of the Fallen.

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4 months 5 days ago

Thanks for the chapter! Have a good break~ I hope you find the inspiration you need~

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