Overseer Delay

So, it was either from my flu shot, my boyfriend (who works at a hospital), or my roommate (who also got the flu shot and works with me), but I have since come down with another illness, the flu (still not sure what the previous illness was). When I get better, hopefully in the next couple of days, I’ll write out the new chapter, until then I just didn’t want to leave you in the dark like last time. Fall and Spring are always the worst for me, health wise, I always seem to get sick (but at least for the last 5 years I haven’t gotten sick on Thanksgiving! I used to always be sick on Thanksgiving and be hardly able to eat any food! The worst!)

I hope at least all my readers are in good health at this time of the year!

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3 months 22 days ago

Ooh the flu….i hole you get better soon😉

3 months 20 days ago

Just rest after an illness! Spring and fall are the favorite breeding season of some evil common viruses. And after your immune system’s down, the flu is like “party ain’t over yet.”

At least you’re lucid enough (for now?) to see silver linings…

3 months 8 days ago

Are you still sick?(If you are, take a break till you get better)

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