About Fiction Grill

Who are we?

We are Fiction Grill, a team of dedicated individuals who have been in the novel industry for a long time. As aspiring writers ourselves, we understand that the biggest obstacle for many writers was the motivation to continue writing. It is hard writing an entire novel from scratch, and without readers or donations as support, it’s extremely difficult for any writer to continue to pursue their passions and dreams.

We want to change that.

As such, we decided to invest both our time and money into helping other aspiring/amateur writers’ dreams come true.


What is our Mission?

Our goal is simple.

For the Writers:

We want to help fund your novel, and pay for all the hard-work that you do. Writers will be given a share of the ad revenue based on the number of views that their chapters receive. As our site grows, so will the amount each writer will be able to earn. Eventually, in the future, we hope that writers will earn enough from this site to completely support themselves financially.

A dream, without commitment and support, will always remain a dream.



For the Readers:

The whole team here has a passion for reading various novels and want to share that passion with everyone else. Instead of waiting for months and months of your favorite series to be published on the market, you can join the writers here and watch as they weave the plot of their stories through each chapter they release on Fiction Grill. You will also be able to interact with them real-time, give feedback, discuss the story, and all in one place.


What is our Vision?

We know success will not be achieved overnight, and that is why we will be constantly working to make sure that this project is something all future writers will look forward to.

No more excuses of “writing is just a hobby”, “I like writing, but it doesn’t pay the bills”, “Is it worth it?”, etc.

If you are serious about writing, then we will help you to achieve your goals.

We hope you believe in us, as much as we believe in our writers. We want to support all aspiring authors, regardless of whether they are teenagers, middle-aged, or elderly. Fiction Grill is welcome to all people who want to share quality work.


How will we achieve this?

We have many contacts within the industry and tools to market this site. Once we reach a minimum amount of traffic, plans will be put into place and Fiction Grill will be launched into the vast oceans of the online writing world.


How can you help?

Since this is an ad-based site, we use the money from the revenue to pay for our server costs, and to reward the writers for their work. Our ads are from Google and other trusted companies, so you do not need to worry about any harmful redirects.

We sincerely implore you to turn off your ad-blocking software or whitelist our website, so we can keep this project running for all future authors out there.


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4 months 25 days ago

This is an interesting idea.
I hope that the dream comes true. I’ll be reading the stories on here soon. =]

Gabriel Augusto
4 months 27 days ago

Very good, keep up the great work

26 days 6 hours ago

This could totally change the game for authors! I admire the online platform the Chinese have for web serials so much and I wish the west would have one just as big! I’m 100% behind you

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