Coming Soon

We have many exciting offers and opportunities that we want to give our aspiring writers in order to fulfill their dream of becoming full-time authors. One of the most important goals of any writer is to get published on the market. We will soon be providing this opportunity in future for the writers hosted at Friction Grill.


Publishing Deal!

One of the biggest dreams of any writer is for his/her to get published and to be recognized as an “Author”. We want to make this dream of yours a certain reality.

In future, we will run a campaign to decide which novel to publish on the international market. The ones deciding the future of this deal will be none other than you, our readers. You will get to cast a vote on which novel you would like to see get published, and the one with the highest number of votes will be given this Publishing Deal.

So, what will the author get from this?

Simple, we will give the winner an advance of $2000 + Royalties from the book sales!

We will help you market the book, commission a professional artist for the cover, hire an editor, and everything else to make sure your book is ready for the international book market.

*more details to be added later


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