Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

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The Crystal Bamboo Bull’s body fell to the ground with a thud, blood spattering out of the corpse as Dale’s claymore Aarsasho smashed into the ground, shattering the earth.

The Bull’s fur was extremely tough, famed for its defensive properties. However, the force of Dale’s attack was extremely concentrated on his blade and easily sheared through it. The Bull’s fur was tough, but only when the Bull was actively concentrating on defending. Much like a master fighter would be weak to a surprise attack, the Bull was not properly prepared when it was attacked because it was dazed, unable to defend.

Dale felt the oppressive energies in his Aura began to clash abruptly. By activating his Titanic Transformation and drawing from his Draconic Sea at the same time, he was using two extremely different energies. Normally, these two powers would be incompatible. Using multiple Divine Abilities at once was difficult for even high level cultivators, though it was certainly possible. Even though Dale’s Draconic Sea could not be considered near the level of a Divine Ability yet, it was still the foundation of what Dale suspected was a Divine Ability, the Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art. The two powers were different enough that using them simultaneously was very hard.

In Dale’s Soul, two spheres of energy formed. When Dale activated his Titanic Transformation, the energy would flow directly from his Sea into the essence of his Soul, transforming and activating its energy into his body. The same thing happened when Dale drew on his Draconic Sea. Dale visualized the energy he drew from as two spheres, colliding in his body.

The first sphere of energy was a boiling, red ball of power that emanated Titanic strength. It pulsed about violently, small waves of red energy flowing around its surface continuously. In Dale’s mind, the image of dozens of powerful, midnight black skinned cultivators formed. All save one of these cultivators were large, standing 10 meters tall. They were covered in bulging muscles and had sharply defined facial features. Each of the 10 meter tall ones were swathed in odd clothing, and wielded enormous blades. Extremely powerful Titanic Auras rolled of these cultivators, and their ferocious appearance was frightening. There was also a single cultivator that stood at a regular, human size. This Titan shared the same midnight black skin, but instead of bulging muscles, he had smooth, lanky arms. Instead of an enormous broadsword or greatsword, the cultivator wielded a small, slight rapier. Dale felt an incredible sense of danger coming off this lone cultivator, greater than all of the other dozens of massive Titans combined. The Titan wore a simple, brown apron with his rapier attached to his side. He had a strong jawline and piercing red eyes. The air around this Titan trembled as he turned to look at Dale. The sphere was maybe 10 meters wide.

The second sphere was much smaller than the first. It was only a single meter wide. The energy it contained was a soothing, light green. Ripples of Draconic fury moved across this sphere, making Dale think of a mighty, tyrannical dragon. In his mind, he gained the faint image of an enormous green dragon, covered in majestic scale patterns and spikes. The dragon was gargantuan, easily more than ten thousand meters tall. Dale couldn’t judge its height accurately, and simply knew that it was more massive than anything he had seen before. The air around this gigantic dragon rippled as it flew, space itself being torn asunder with each wing motion.

When Dale used both energies at once, the two spheres collided.

Immediately, the powerful energy in each sphere clashed against each other, rippling and fighting. Both spheres of energy demanded dominance, refusing to accept the existence of the other. Dale tried frantically to stop the fighting, feeling that he was unable to stop drawing from the two energy sources. He found, to his horror, that he couldn’t deactivate the techniques, and had to let the two spheres duke it out.

Outside of Dale’s soul where he was currently struggling time continued onward. The fleeing Profound Hunters all turned and stopped, looking at Dale in astonishment. Reverence and awe filled their eyes as they looked upon the child that was barely a teenager defeat a 3 Star Profound Beast in what looked like a single blow. To these cultivators, Dale had simply cleaved the beast in half. None of them noticed his precise Aura manipulation, or were able to sense his Draconic Aura.

“Wow! Lei Bao, Master Dale really is powerful!” One of the Profound Beast Hunters that had been in another group said, nodding towards the leader of the Profound Beast Hunters. Lei Bao nodded, his eyes on Dale as Dale sat motionless. The three Golden Bamboo Cattle in the background milled about, still in the forested area.

When Dale failed to move after a solid minute, the rest of the Profound Beast Hunters stepped forward, eyeing him curiously. Lei Bao spoke up, taking the lead as they waited.

“Master Dale is clearly making some type of breakthrough. It would be better for us not to bother him, and to instead focus on the remaining Golden Bamboo Cattle over there.” Lei Bao said, directing the various Profound Beast Hunters. Lin Rakesh and the rest nodded, turning to face the forested area. They began to advance slowly, circling around to surround the bulls. Lei Bao readied his great sword, pulling on the enormous weapon. The Golden Bamboo Cattle were extremely fast. They would need to be precise if they wanted to take them out.

In the time it took for the Hunters to entrap the remaining Bulls, Dale opened his eyes, looking around.

The two powerful spheres of energy in his Soul had settle down. Dale hadn’t managed to find a proper middle ground between the two abilities, but instead found a temporary solution.

As he was in the midst of frantically trying to stop the two energies from battling, Dale activated the mysterious power of Will. Dale’s Will came from his very Soul itself, and therefore, it was something he could use to manipulate things in his Soul with ease. The rippling sense of authority settled upon Dale as he grasped the two raging sources of energy.

While Dale couldn’t force the two energies to permanently combine, as long as he concentrated, Dale was able to keep the two energies from destroying each other and damaging Dale’s Soul. Dale mentally split the two energies apart.

When the two energies were combined, however, Dale had noticed something quite interesting. Dale found that he could activate the abilities of either Sea by using energy from another Sea. When the two energies were linked, even when they were trying to destroy each other, their energy sources linked up as well, allowing Dale to draw from both to power a single power.

For Dale’s Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation, this meant very little. The size of his Titanic Sea was already quite large, and would continue to grow as he cultivated it. The size of his Draconic Sea, in comparison to that, was negligible. He would gain nothing substantial from trying to substitute the energy in his Titanic Sea for something else.

However, if Dale were to instead use the energy in his linked Titanic Sea to fuel his Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art

Dale’s mind rapidly worked out the implications, his eyes alighting.

The Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art was an incomplete Art that Dale believed might be an incomplete Divine Ability. It was a created Divine Ability, not an inherited one, and thus one that could be learned. However, Dale had never attained a complete manual, and only knew the very basic techniques to form his Draconic Sea. He had no idea how to activate the supreme abilities of the technique, and only knew they must exist somewhere.

The Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art was a Divine Ability very different from the one Dale had extensive knowledge on, the Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation. Dale’s Titanic Transformation was an inherited Divine Ability, and could not be taught, and also only had one main technique. This was to allow Dale to transform, his muscle structure and bones, as well as his skin and body changing and growing stronger. Dale knew that the higher he trained his Titanic Sea, the more abilities his Transformation would gain, like the ability to grow his height to become a giant, or to stretch his arms or legs. The stronger his Sea grew, the stronger his strength and regeneration would grow as well.

This differed from Dale’s incomplete Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art, however. Dale could tell from how the technique was formed that the Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art was a Divine Ability that could have many forms. Dale wasn’t exactly certain how the ability would accomplish this, however, and the mysteriousness of this technique was truly profound in his eyes.

What Dale could do, however, with his incomplete Draconic Sea, was use the energy in it to fuel the Aura techniques he already knew. The energy in his Draconic Sea, even at its base form of only around a dozen meters wide, was much greater than his cultivation energy, something that had stalled long ago. By using his Draconic Sea to fuel his Aura techniques, like his long range Heavy Fist technique, Dale could use techniques that would normally be too difficult to do with his level of cultivation. It wasn’t that his body wasn’t strong enough, his Gold Core was simply too weak. Dale renewed his determination to solve a way to increase his cultivation level, frustrated at his lack of talent in his cultivation art.

He needed his cultivation energy to guide his attacks and connect the force of his body with the Aura technique. Without that, his Heavy Fist would rely entirely upon the energy in his Draconic Sea. While that energy was greater then his cultivation energy in terms of strength, it couldn’t hold a candle to Dale’s matchlessly strong body. The combination of the two was the outcome Dale desired.

The energy in Dale’s Draconic Sea was ideally suited to Aura techniques. In fact, it couldn’t actually be used for anything else but that. The energy in Dale’s Titanic Sea was similar, but couldn’t be used for any energy techniques at all. The energy in both of these Seas was intended for and normally could only be used for the abilities they were formed from. Dale’s Draconic Sea was an exception, however, as the Art in which it was formed from was based entirely upon Aura. Dale still didn’t have a clue as to what the energy in his Angelic Sea could be used for.

When Dale linked the two Seas, by drawing from both of them at the same time, he was able to use his Titanic Sea to fuel and empower his Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art. Because Dale did not know any of the specific techniques of the incomplete Divine Ability, however, the only thing he could do was imbue the source energy with the single form of the incomplete Divine Ability he did know.

Besides the basic steps to forming the Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art, there was only a single, sole technique that Dale knew in relation to the Divine Ability. It barely deserved being called a technique, Dale knew, as the function itself was extremely simple.

Officially named Laozi’s Gaze, the entire concept of the technique could be explained in a single sentence. Dale took the refined energy in his Draconic Sea and imbued it into his eyes. The energy was entirely made up of Aura energy, the natural state of the energy in his Draconic Sea, and was more or less invisible to the naked eye. Only when he attacked out with it would the energy become visible as it took on a physical form.

Laozi’s Gaze was not an attacking technique, nor was it a defending technique. The only thing it could do was increase the pressure you placed on an opponent. Dale had read the description of the technique on the torn manual he had learned this incomplete Divine Ability from, shaking his head. Dale assumed it was one of the lowest level techniques associated with the Divine Ability, seeing as how simple a concept it was.

Dale had tested the technique before, and found it quite lacking. Whether it was due to the small size of his Draconic Sea or just the technique being weak, on anyone with a cultivation level similar to his, it had no effect. Dale could already easily defeat most cultivators at the same cultivation level, so the technique was virtually useless.

Now, however, Dale had a way to fuel his Laozi’s Gaze, not having to rely entirely upon his Draconic Sea. The energy would still need to flow through his Draconic Sea to activate, merging with the powerful Aura energy in the Sea.

Dale decided to test the technique now that he had a method of using it. Since the regular technique alone was useless due to the small size of his Draconic Sea, Dale decided he would only use it when he forcefully activated both powers.

However, merging the Sea’s was a difficult process that forced Dale to use his Will to do safely. Even then, it was very taxing on his concentration. Dale estimated that performing the technique for longer than a few seconds would be impossible.

Thus, Dale opened his eyes, glancing around. He released his holds of both Seas, letting the energy settled down. He looked down at the corpse of the Crystal Bamboo Bull, smiling. He gave a respectful bow as he considered the creature, noting that it had been his first real battle in this world. This had been his first unaided fight, and he felt much more confident in his prowess.

The sounds of yells drew his attention away from the corpse.

In the forested area of the 1000 meter floating island, the five Profound Beast Hunters had surrounded the Golden Bamboo Cattle. The sixth Profound Beast Hunter was lying on the ground not far from Dale, still unconscious from the battle with the Crystal Bamboo Bull. Dale watched as the hunters slowly crept in, moving extremely carefully. Their movements were precise as they worked as a team, trying to avoid letting the Golden Bamboo Cattle escape. The closest hunter to Dale was Lei Bao, who was currently directing the rest of the hunters.

The Golden Bamboo Cattle, in return, snorted loudly and stamped the ground. Small sparks of yellow light formed around their feet as the cattle looked around, preparing to make an escape. These weren’t the type of Profound Beast that possessed intelligence, however, and thus they milled about in confusion, unable to break through the entrapment of the Profound Beast Hunters.

An idea struck Dale, and, with a smile, he yelled out,

“Send the Cattle my way! If you make them flee over here, I will take them down!” His voice cut sharply through the air, slightly startling the Profound Beast Hunters. Lei Bao turned around to look at him, giving him a warm smile.

Lei Bao yelled back, responding loudly, “Certainly!”

Dale had, after all, just singlehandedly taken down a 3 Star Profound Beast. In Lei Bao’s eyes, Dale had attained an immense status. Naturally, Lei Bao had faith in Dale’s strength. As well, the defensive powers of the Golden Bamboo Cattle were quite strong, and when that was combined with their fast speed, it would be troublesome for their group to take down a single one of the giant bulls. A smile covered the large hunter’s face as he moved to the side, opening a pathway that pointed towards Dale.

Instantly, as soon as the pathway appeared, the Golden Bamboo Cattle blasted forward through the gap. In terms of speed, while they were a few levels below the ferocious speed of the Crystal Bamboo Bull, they were still extremely fast. None of the Profound Beast Hunters would be able to compete in terms of movement speed, though attack speed was another matter.

Dale kept his eyes focused on the golden cattle as the blasted forward, trying to escape. The Golden Bamboo Cattle moved ferociously, smashing down upon the earth as they ran past the other Profound Beast Hunters. Just as the cattle finished clearing where the Profound Beast Hunters stood and moved far enough away, Dale tapped into the pools of energy in his Soul.

In an instant, Dale linked his Titanic Sea and his Draconic Sea together. He forcibly suppressed the Sea’s clashing with each other using his Will, the sense of authority rushing into him.

A second later, as the rushing cattle came within a hundred meters of him, Dale drew from both of his Seas, the energy from his Titanic Sea absorbing and transforming into Aura energy for his Draconic Sea, and activated his Laozi’s Gaze technique. He smiled in anticipation as he tested this new technique.

The world around Dale rippled, as, unexpectedly, an Aura of supreme power appeared. The combination of Dale’s Titanic energy with his Draconic energy, something that had never been performed before, created an unexpected anomaly, the Aura of Dale’s transforming to a height he could never have anticipated.

The air around Dale, the very fabric of the Floating Island Universe itself, trembled slightly as he exploded forth with the Aura of a Dragon God for a brief second.

Meanwhile… on the Continental Island of Jex, on the peak of an enormous mountain



Three grand figures sat across from each other at a small table, perched on the very top of a mountain peak. This mountain was enormous, standing almost ten thousand meters high in the sky. Clouds floated beneath the peak of the mountain, glimmering in the afternoon light. Sunlight drifted unto this peak as these three figures spoke, merrily talking. From debates about the current situation of the Three Great Sects on the Continent of Rex, to casual conversation about disciples or cultivators, these three experts spoke freely to each other.

The first figure held something in common with the other two experts. They were all elderly, with lined faces. The first figure had short, dark grey hair and a very small beard. A trail of scars marked the sides of his neck in the design of a floating sun. The man had a warm smile on his face as he spoke, his eyes a peaceful brown that complimented his wide chin. A ruler blade, a greatsword with its pointed end sliced off, was strapped to his waist.

The second expert had much longer hair, with long pure white flowing threads that gleamed sharply. His face was equally lined, however, and he laughed and smiled back. This elder had a sharp chin and a hooked nose, with dark red eyes that gleamed softly and warmly. A long spear was strapped to his back.

The third expert was quite different from the two. While he was also old, he had bright blonde hair that clashed with his dark green eyes. No smile appeared on this lined elder’s face as he talked, however, and a softly murderous air remained around him. A pair of katanas were strapped to his back.

Each of these three figures emanated an incredibly powerful aura, the likes of which few have seen. They gave off an enormous sense of pressure simply by being alive, their cultivation bases fathomless.

Out of nowhere, these three figures suddenly stood up, looks of complete shock covering their faces.

For, as they spoke, the world around them trembled for a brief moment. This trembling was extremely hard to detect, something that only those either looking for it or those that have reached such a level in cultivation to be intimately aware of the fabric of the world around could detect.

All three experts shot into the air, floating in the sky as they whipped their heads towards the Great Inner Sea, shock appearing.

The first expert spoke, his short grey hair twitching,

“Qin Ling, Xia Ray, do you know what cultivator released that Aura?” Confusion colored his tone as he spoke, his eyes focusing on to the north.

“No, Bai Shong.” The second expert replied, shaking his head in confusion as well, the long spear on his back creaking, “As far as I’m aware, the only powerful experts in the Great Inner Sea belong to the Donden Merchant Company, and even they shouldn’t be capable of this.”

The third expert chimed in, glowering, “It would have to be a hidden expert then.”

“Not necessarily.” The second expert responded. Soon a debate broke out between the three experts as they tried to decide upon the origin of the energy wave.

After a few minutes, the experts settled back down on the mountain and continued talking. All three of the experts, however, motioned to several figures that floated down on the side of the mountain.

These figures on the lower section of the mountain were split into three separate groups, representing each of the three experts. When the three supreme experts motioned for them, several of the cultivators in each group flew up.

After a few moments of talking, experts from all three groups zoomed away from the mountain and to the north towards the Great Inner Sea, dispatched on the orders from each of their respective experts.

The energy ripple faded as it traveled through the Plane, eventually only covering around half the Great Inner Sea, and two thirds of the Continental Island of Jex before dispersing. In total, this energy ripple alone covered more then fifty million square miles in around a minute.


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