Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 16


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Chapter 16


Dale looked up from the bed he was resting in confusion, his eyes blearily opening. He saw his home’s stocky roof above him, and, after glancing around, recognized the home he and Scholar Shen had made. There were only two rooms in the home, a small kitchen and his bedroom. On the opposite end of the room he was resting in, Dale noticed a large chest had been placed down.

After pausing for a moment, Dale moved his arms to clutch at his head, feeling a headache forming. As soon as he moved, however, Dale felt a wave of agony oversweep his mind. Every single nerve in his body felt like it was on fire, like ten thousand pointed needles were stabbing into him, over and over.

Dale gasped out loud, moaning in pain. His vision blurred as the pain slammed into him, threatening to overwhelm his mind.

With a ferocious grown, Dale tried to activate his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation. When he went to activate it, however, Dale found that he couldn’t. His entire Titanic Sea was drained, the energy that lay in it only filling up a shallow portion. The black roots that had spread throughout his Sea, allowing him to control it, still remained, pulsing softly as they floated in his Soul.

Dale gasped in astonishment, at a loss for how his Titanic Sea emptied itself of power. As the pain slammed down on his mind and body, Dale grasped onto the only source of energy that might help.

Dale activated his Will.

Immediately, the intangible feeling of authority and dominion settled upon Dale. Dale instantly took all the energy his Will could muster and focused it on his body, Willing himself to heal, for his cells to begin regenerating. The makeup of his body shifted as he Willed it to, shifting slightly.

As he activated this, his Will energy flooding through his being, Dale keenly felt at the damage that had been done to his body.

In the human body, there are countless nerve endings. These nerves are what are responsible for conveying signals from one’s brain to one’s limbs, powering one’s movements and actions. Without nerve endings, one’s brain would have no way of letting the body know what to do.

As Dale felt at his body with his Will, he instantly understood the enormous amount of damage his body had taken.

90% of the nerve endings in his body were badly damaged, almost completely destroyed. His muscles, tendons, and bones were filled with burst blood vessels and burst cells, blotting out his entire skin. On his back, Dale became aware of a massive red scar that had formed, a scar that was created by the absolute destruction of the cells that existed on his back. An enormous, red scar in shape of two red scars had formed on Dale’s back, like two forbidding eyes staring out among the cosmos. Dale sent tendrils of his Will energy inside the scars, becoming aware of everything about them.

There was nothing inherently special, or mysterious about these scars, save the slight, cosmic feeling the ravaged skin gave off. However, the cells that had previously been where these scars were formed had suffered absolute destruction.

Absolute destruction was a type of condition someone’s body could suffer. Dale had inherited several random Titan memories alongside his Titanic Sea, and thus was able to recognize one of the few things all Titans feared. Titans, by dint of their extremely peerless natural Divine Ability, are powerful creatures able to regenerate from nearly any wound. The Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation is ranked within the top 100 Divine Abilities in the Heavens, and is tied for the number 1 Support Ability. The regeneration powers it held were fearsome, to say the least.

However, there were two ways to get around this powerful regeneration ability.

The first was to waste away the energy used. If someone used up all the energy in their Titanic Sea, naturally, their Divine Ability would stop functioning, as it ran out of source energy. One would have to draw out a fight for a very long period of time, usually, as a Titan’s natural Divine Ability was something that could last quite a while.

The second method was much more difficult. This was to perform an attack or technique that resulted in absolute destruction.

A Titan could regenerate almost any type of wound without a problem. Even if one’s head were to be sliced off, a fully developed Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation would be able to regenerate it without a problem. This was entirely due to the divine power and mysteriousness within the natural Titan ability.

However, when a wound suffered absolute destruction, it was something that could never be healed. The exact definition for this type of wound was not well defined, as attacks that could inflict absolute destruction were extremely rare.

In Dale’s inherited memories, he knew that his Titan race had once been a powerful, thriving community that ruled a portion of the Immortal Planes on high. Something happened, however, that caused his race to be cast down, their kind hunted. Dale knew that, from his scant memories of the past, Titans were an extinct race in the Heavens, and in most worlds. It would not be a surprise for him to know that the only remaining Titans in existence had been on his home world.

The memories of the past that far back were muddled, however. These events had, after all, occurred millions of years ago. All Dale knew is the reason his Titan race was defeated and cast down was because of enemies that possessed the ability to unleash absolute destruction.

Attacks that annihilated the existence of everything at a molecular level, as well as at a base spiritual level. Attacks like these could not be defended against nor could they be regenerated or healed.

These attacks were, naturally, the bane of Titan warriors who usually neglected their defense in the favor of overwhelming offense, letting their natural regeneration heal any wounds. When faced with an attack that could not be healed, Titans would naturally die. Attacks like this were both exceedingly difficult to use, and exceedingly uncommon. After all, very few beings had the regenerative capabilities that Titans held.

The large red scars in the shape of two, red glaring stars were wounds that suffered absolute destruction. They would never heal. These scars were permanent.

Despite that, Dale felt extremely relieved.

The scars on his back were light, and something he could ignore. The damage to his nerve endings, however, was extremely important. If he couldn’t regenerate that, he would forever be a cripple, unable to move or attack fluidly.

Thankfully, his damaged nerve endings had not suffered from absolute destruction. With time, they would regenerate, especially considering his natural powers.

Dale guided his Will and commanded his body to start healing. He felt energy moving through his body, slowly reforming and healing all his damaged nerve endings. His Will healed him at a much slower pace then his Titanic Transformation, but it was still much faster than he would normally heal.

While he concentrated on healing, Dale’s memories flashed back to what had happened just before he fell unconscious.

For an extremely slight amount of time, Dale had emitted the Aura of a Dragon God.

As soon as Dale had activated this technique, Laozi’s Gaze, the mental image of that enormous green dragon had appeared in his mind again. This time, however, the dragon wasn’t simply flying through the sky. Instead, the dragon settled down on the ground of a planet, its enormous wings resting. The planet was unlike the universe Dale was currently in or his old planet. Instead, it seemed as if the giant drake was on an enormous world filled with rivers of lava. Great volcanoes rose in the background, spewing smoke and magma. In his mind, Dale had felt the eyes of the enormous, gargantuan drake slowly turn to face him, staring into his Soul. Dale had felt as if, somewhere, this great drake had become aware of his existence.

The Aura Dale emanated was not the actual, full Aura of a Dragon God. Dale’s Draconic Sea was too small for him to activate that, even with the boosted resources of his Titanic Sea. However, Dale had still managed to activate a lesser portion of the Aura of a Dragon God, through the use of his Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art.

Despite just being a lesser portion, the Aura Dale emitted was one of extreme might. On this universe, the Aura he emanated could be considered absolute. The power and overbearingness of the gaze in which Dale gave off was supreme. Dale had felt, for a brief moment, that the Aura he emitted was a tiny bit similar to the feeling he gained when he grasped his Will.

Everything within a hundred meters of Dale, the effective range listed on the scrap of paper that held the technique for Laozi’s Gaze, was instantly affected by the Aura. The air trembled, sending out a powerful energy wave through the fabric of the Floating Island Universe, as Dale activated the power.

The three fleeing Golden Bamboo Cattle had all frozen immediately, the power of Dale’s gaze much too powerful. An irresistible, crushing sensation had settled upon these three cattle as they stumbled and fell, their minds overwhelmed. All three of the Golden Bamboo Cattle had been directly knocked unconscious, completely unable to resist the dominating force of Dale’s Laozi’s Gaze technique.

The Profound Beast Hunters were beyond the effective range of Dale’s technique. However, they were still able to perceive the presence of a terrifyingly powerful technique. All five of the still conscious Profound Beast Hunters had instinctively fled backwards several dozen meters, gaping at Dale in awe and fear. The power Dale gave off, this was something none of these hunters could have ever imagined. It was simply too ridiculous.

The Aura from Laozi’s Gaze didn’t stray past a thousand meters. While the technique was truly powerful, it was highly concentrated. The only remnant of the attack that moved beyond that was the initial energy wave given off.

After that extreme second, Dale had felt control of the technique slip. The extreme amount of concentration this technique required was leagues beyond what Dale expected. He had only ever tapped into an extremely slight version of it before, and never experienced what the technique was truly like. He was completely unprepared.

Dale’s body was not a level where it could naturally handle this technique. He was unable to resist the Aura emanated by technique once it slipped out of control. Thus, in a heartbeat, the Aura technique he had formed drained his entire Titanic Sea, the energy flowing into it. The energy then ran wild, out of control of Dale and his Will. Instantly, Dale felt the Aura slam down upon him. Flashing lights and an explosion of pain accompanied him into darkness as he fell down on the ground, the world around him fading away.

Till he woke up here, in his room. Everything till then was a solid blank. Dale twitched his eyes as gave up remembering, feeling pain shoot through him again even at that slight movement.

As his body was now, with his Will regenerating it, it would take multiple days for his nerve endings to regenerate, as well as his muscles, bones, and skin. His organs were in bad shape too, but thankfully had avoided the brunt of the damage, otherwise he would have died for sure.

It seemed, Dale mentally noted, that the backlash from using Laozi’s Gaze was something rather extreme. He had used the technique for less than a second, yet his entire body was almost completely destroyed. Dale mentally set the technique in the back of his mind. It was something he would only use if he absolutely had to, a trump card of sorts. The damage it caused to his body meant that after he used this technique, he would be out of strength.

After a moments rest, Dale focused his mind, entering into a meditative state. A few seconds later, Dale appeared in his Soul landscape.

Dale looked around his Soul, observing what had been wrought.

His Gold Core pulsed slowly, off to the side of his Soul as usual. Dale ignored it, focusing on the three Seas that existed in his Soul.

His Angelic Sea was the same as it always was. A placid, slow moving white Sea of energy, filled with power. It was only 1001 meters wide. Dale shook his head as he considered it, wondering when it would be useful.

His Draconic Sea was also normal, a small pool of energy roughly fifteen meters wide. It was a vibrant green and swirled about swiftly.

His Titanic Sea was what worried him. Dale focused his eyes on it, looking at the large Sea.

All three of Dale’s Seas were set in the ground of Dale’s Soul landscape, as much as anything could be called a ground here. A large and long gap was filled with the energy in the Sea, forming what looked like a large lake or pond.

Dale’s Titanic Sea had recently expanded to be roughly 2000 meters wide. Thus, it had carved out a large space in the ground of Dale’s Soul landscape.

This large gap right now was filled with a pittance of the once mighty, vibrant energy that had filled it. Only a small pool of energy filled this pool, a relatively small 100 meters wide.

However, even as Dale focused on it, he saw it slowly regenerating, the energy reforming. Dale watched it closely, trying to see how the energy formed to no avail. It just appeared, as if drawn out of the air.

The rate at which the energy reformed wasn’t anything fast, and after watching it for a few minutes, Dale determined that it would take two full days till his Titanic Sea reformed.

Whenever Dale had activated his Titanic Transformation before, it had only pushed the level of the Sea down a small amount. The size of his Sea affected how powerful his Transformation was, but the amount of energy his Transformation used wasn’t that large. It was part of what made Titans so powerful. They could use such a strong Divine Ability for a very long time. Titan’s were very durable because of this and had great stamina, making his race one to be proud of.

However, Dale was awed at how much energy the ability Laozi’s Gaze had drawn. It had drained his entire Titanic Sea in less than a second, a terrifyingly large amount of energy. He resolved himself again to only use this technique when he absolutely had to.

A familiar pattering sound woke Dale from his meditation, jerking himself awake. Dale blinked his eyes open, looking around his room once again. His Will powered regeneration had restored his nerves enough to allow extremely basic movement, allowing him to raise his head and speak.

Lei Fan barged into Dale’s room, with Cloud clinging to her hair merrily. The little girl was wearing a small pink dress, and smiled happily when she saw Dale was awake.

“Brother Dale!” Lei Fan proclaimed, pushing the door all the way open. She left it open as she walked in.

“Are you feeling better, Brother Dale?” Lei Fan addressed him as she would an older brother. A tinge of worry appeared in her eyes as she spoke. “I was sent by Lei Bao to bring a visiting doctor that said he would check up on you. You collapsed while you were out hunting, badly wounded.

Dale looked down at his body for the first time. He was laying on his bad at the moment, his head resting on a small grey pillow Both his arms and legs, as well as much of his chest, were completely wrapped in bandages. Dale smelled freshly cleaned Baswalt, a medicinal herb found in the wild that was helpful for healing. Obviously, whoever had been taking care of him had done so with care.

“I’m fine little Fan.” Dale said, smiling warmly. He rested his head down a bit as he spoke, feeling his headache reduced a little.

“Who is the doctor you brought?” Dale asked, curious.

“Oh right!” Lei Fan rushed back to the door.

“You can come in now sir!” Her voice was slightly faint as she yelled outside.

Moments later, a well dressed man stepped in the door. This man was wearing a very well made black suit and tie, with a crystal necklace in the shape of a cross around his neck. He had finely groomed black hair, and a sharp beard and mustache. He wore a pair of glasses that had a black rim around the two clear circular glass pieces. He carried in his hand a long, black cane with a phoenix metal inset on the end. His expression was sharp, and matched the sharp look in his dark red eyes. His lined face stretched as he nodded towards Lei Fan with a cheerful expression.

The man had an austere air about him. He looked at Dale and smiled kindly, examining Dale.

“Brother Dale, this is the visiting doctor! He just came in town yesterday! He’s friends with Scholar Shen that left a little while ago!” Scholar Shen was a well-known figure in the Rayman village. His eccentricity and his knowledge were the things they knew him for, as the man often instructed villagers in things they had questions on.

“His name is Doctor Saron!” Lei Fan smiled happily.

“Hello Dale.” The well-dressed man said, his eyes fixed upon Dale. An overwhelming, fanatic power began to emanate from the man as he spoke, stepped forward. He ushered Lei Fan out of Dale’s home. Dale felt as if the air around him had become constrained. All of a sudden, an urge to speak the truth, to answer this man’s questions appeared.

“I’d like to ask you a few questions about my good friend Scholar Shen, if you don’t mind.”


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