Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

As he leapt into the air, Dale took the energy he had circulating in his Gold Core and moved it to touch on the huge Claymore he wielded.

Aarsasho. The name of Dale’s blade originated from where the blade had come from, General Aarsasho, an extremely powerful Fallen Angel general that had fallen in a battle against the Titans of his home world. The Fallen Angels were beings that were human, despite their powerful strength. However, in terms of pure physical power, they were completely unable to match up against the Titans, beings that were famed for their extreme strength.

Thus, the famed claymore of the General Aarsasho. It had been crafted from mysterious materials, created by an unknown grandmaster smith thousands of years ago. The weapon was very sharp and durable to the extreme, having survived countless battles. The real thing that made it stand out, however, was the great claymore’s special aspect.

When Dale transferred his Core Energy into his claymore, establishing a connection with it, he would gain the ability to change the weight of the blade. From 0 pounds to around 5,000 pounds, Dale could instantaneously manipulate the weight of the blade to whatever he wanted. The blade could be changed to weigh more, but his current Core Energy was insufficient.

As well, despite the fact that the weight of the blade changed, he would only feel a hundredth of whatever the weight changed to. So if he changed the weight of the blade to 5,000 pounds, he would only have to wield the sword as if it weighed 50 pounds.

When Dale combined this with his body’s already powerful strength, his battle power rose up a level easily.

Thus, as Dale jumped towards the Qilin, he manipulated the weight of Aarsasho to the extreme and swung down, preparing to easily defeat the creature. The air itself trembled as Dale crashed down towards the draconic horse like a meteor descending upon the earth.

An enormous explosion shook the watering hole, blasting the nearby water away as Dale’s claymore collided with the right antler on the draconic horse, the Qilin having swung its head towards Dale when it noticed his descent.

Immediately, Dale was flung backwards towards the ground, hurtling down at an incredible speed. He slammed through the remaining water in the watering hole and crashed down into the earth under the water, sinking into it roughly three feet. The nearby ground exploded into shards of earth and debris as his body impacted, spreading out. The water near where he landed blasted away as well before rushing back in a moment later.

The Qilin, on the other hand, was not even the slightest bit moved. It shook its head loudly and exhaled sharply, tracks of flame sliding off its nostril. The still bleeding wounds surrounding its body continued to bleed.

With a ferocious roar, Dale forcibly ripped himself from the earth and blasted out of the watering hole, his eyes incandescent with rage.

“You… you shitty horse! How dare you block me!” Dale spat out water and mud, his arms trembling in anger. Violent energy twirled up and down his body, his Core expanding its strength.

In all his thirteen years of life, this was the first time any creature had been able to resist his attack strength so perfectly. Dale’s eyes, even when clouded with rage, astutely observed the creature.

Dale’s body was incredibly strong. He knew this because he had compared it with monstrous beasts and other cultivators in his home world. If a regular cultivator at his level of cultivation could attack with roughly 8 or 9 thousand pounds of force, Dale could unleash an attack with an astonishing 200,000 pounds of force.  He was considered a monster in his world, a cultivator that none of his peers could surpass. He had prided himself on this.

This was all because of his parents, and the two Ancient Heritages he had inherited. That of the Titans, and that of the Fallen Angels. His Titan bloodline gave him an extremely powerful body and the ability to transform. His Fallen Angel bloodline… Dale knew it gave him something, but he had never figured out what.

Dale growled under his breath and suddenly unfocused his eyes for an incredibly brief moment.

In that moment, Dale’s consciousness dived into the essence that was his Soul.

All cultivators have a special area they can mediate or retreat to. This area is called the Soul. A cultivator usually visualized their Soul by slowly diving into meditation and calling the landscape of the Soul into mind. Every cultivator’s Soul would appear different to them.

In this brief moment, however, Dale instantly dived into the landscape of his Soul.

A vast, pure white area spread out all around Dale as he suddenly appeared in the landscape of his Soul. Tendrils of white, cloud like energy floated by all around him, moving in unknown patterns. Gleams of light from an unknown source lit up his Soul landscape, filling it with light.

There were three things of interest in Dale’s Soul. The first was a small, golden ball of energy. This ball of energy was synonymous with Dale’s Gold Core. It represented his level in cultivation, the small ball of gold power pulsating lightly. The second and third things of interest in Dale’s Soul were rather similar.

At first sight, they looked like two large pools of broiling energy. These pools were easily a thousand meters wide and a thousand meters across, like a mid sized lake. Each pool, however, instead of being filled with water, was filled with boiling energy that clashed to and fro.

The first pool was made of pure white energy, while the second was made of pure red energy. The pure white energy was the less violent of the two pools of energy, and seemed almost dormant, the white energy slowly moving about as if hypercondensed. Small slips of light emanated from this pool, pure white gleams that echoed softly. An extremely small red gleam flashed in the bottom of this white pool. This pool of energy was something Dale had never managed to access. It remained locked out of his control, the power it held not something he could control.

The other pool of energy in Dale’s Soul was what he focused on. A giant, crashing, violent pool of red energy. Crackles of power flashed about the pool, moving erratically. Enormous waves collided and splashed, crackling around in a chaotic fury. The cries and roars of ferocious beasts mixed with the blasts of energy, tingeing the air with violence.

In the center of this red sea of power, a small seed of darkness had spread roots through the entirety of the pool. These roots were black and gave off a sense of anger, of dark hate. However, this feeling was deeply suppressed, and right now the roots simply matched with the rest of the pool.

This was Dale’s Titanic Sea. A large pool of power in his Soul that he had inherited from his Titan parent. He could use the power in this Sea of energy in his Soul to manipulate the makeup of his body and undergo a Titanic Transformation, a divine ability that was unique to Titans.

When Dale was younger, he had been completely unable to access his Titanic Sea, and was only able to draw the slightest amount of strength from it. Recently, when he was on his home world, Dale had managed to gain some level of control over his Titanic Sea due to the black roots that had spread through it. He wasn’t certain how these dark black roots had formed, but he was grateful for their existence. Thanks to them, he was able to partially activate the Divine AbilityTitanic Transformation. 


For the split second Dale appeared in his Soul, he looked at his Titanic Sea in confusion. When he had been in his previous world, his Titanic Sea had only been covered by the dark roots for roughly a third of its area. This had allowed him to only partially use his Sea, and only partial transform. Now, however, the black roots had spread all the way to the edges of the Sea. He made a mental note to ponder this later, however, as he jumped forward into the Sea.


Instantly, Dale grasped ahold of the power in his Titanic Sea and activated the Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation.

The entire sea heaved as one, the black roots spread throughout it pulsing in tune with Dale’s mind as he activated his power. Immediately, energy gathered around the black roots and blasted out of the pool, instantly absorbed into his Soul.

Dale activated his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation.


Raw, fierce, powerful energy throbbed into Dale at a speed nearing that of light. This energy was virile and powerful, divine strength that dared to challenge the heavens. It filled Dale and began to transform him extremely quickly.

First, his entire muscle structure changed. The very cells themselves reinforced themselves and became stronger, becoming more durable and thicker as well as stretching to become elastic. These cells then began to expand and densify, over and over, a process that was unique to this Divine Ability.

As his muscles expanded and then shrank, so too did the cells of his skin, of his organs, of his bones. His body changed to become incomparably powerful, his cells densifying and becoming incredibly strong, but also incredibly dense.

The skin on his body instantly changed into a midnight black, pure as onyx. Light itself was absorbed as it ran into his greedy, hungry cells that were constantly reforming. His regenerative powers increased to a ridiculous level, as well as the general toughness of his skin and body.

In terms of strength, the power Dale’s fist held had become five times his normal strength. This was the result of the incredibly powerful Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation. In the Immortal Ranking of Divine Abilities, the Titanic Transformation ranked within the top 100 for the entirety of existence. This was precisely because of the massive strength, regenerative powers, and durability it offered. It was tied with two other Divine Abilities for the title of Number 1 Support Ability.

Thus, in terms of pure physical attack power, Dale had risen to an incredible one million pounds of force, otherwise known as one dragon of force. This number was obscenely powerful, and something he felt nothing should be able to resist. Even in his original world, he had never achieved this level of power, even when he used the secret ability his Master taught him. This was the firs time he had achieved the entire transformation.

The time it took for Dale to activate his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation was miniscule. It was less than a fraction of a second.

Unfortunately for Dale, however, in that fraction of a second, the Qilin he had attacked began to take him seriously. Though Dale didn’t know it, this wasn’t an ordinary Qilin.

In terms of power, an ordinary Qilin was a decently powerful Profound Beast that would usually mature and peak around the 2 Star level, sometimes reaching the initial stage of the 3 Star level. This was a very powerful level, to be sure, and meant that the beast contained strength comparable to many human experts. These beasts were extremely prized mounts for many, and were worth an extreme amount. Despite only being 2 or 3 Star Profound Beasts, they had speed comparable to 4 or 5 Star Profound Beasts.

However, the Qilin before Dale was no ordinary Qilin. It was a Divine Firebirth Qilin, a legendary beast that was extremely rare, and very powerful. A fully mature Divine Firebirth Qilin would mature and peak at around the 6 Star level, the level that an incomparable expert would reach.

The speed of this Divine Beast was said to be comparable to the supreme experts in the universe, that of a 7 Star expert. This was an extraordinary existence, to be sure. For, Dale had learned from Scholar Shen that the number of 7 Star experts in this world could be counted on a single hand, so great and difficult was it to reach that level. If Dale knew he was fighting such a creature, he would have immediately retreated.

This Divine Firebirth Qilin, however, was not fully mature. In terms of power, it was only at the peak of the 4 Star Level. As well, it was currently badly injured, having been weakened by someone far stronger then it.

Yet, in the minuscule moment that Dale took to transform, the Qilin launched an attack at him.


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