Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

As Dale felt the bliss that came with his Titanic Transformation over take him, he also too sensed an incredibly hot spear of fire slamming towards him. This spear contained an incredibly dangerous energy, one that he instinctively knew he had to dodge. It radiated an aura of fire that seemed divine, as if it didn’t originate from this world.

However, the attack that was launched at him was truly too fast. There were roughly a hundred meters between him and the Divine Firebirth Qilin, yet the spear attack it launched covered that distance in less than a fraction of a second.

Just as Dale was preparing to activate the secret power his master had taught him, an ability that would let him dodge this powerful spear, he abruptly sensed anther force slam down and intercept the spear just a few feet before it slammed into him.


A ripple of fire exploded into an equally powerful ripple of ice. Dale was blown backwards several feet by the force of the explosion, several small wounds instantly appearing on his body as the shrapnel from the two powerful blows exploded. His body instantly began to regenerate, however, his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation still active.

“HAHAHA damn horse! You think you can escape me that easily?!” A young male voice shouted from above, creaking through the air. Dale looked upwards as the figure descended and slammed into the ground a few feet in front of him, an aura of blue power surrounding him.

The figure looked to be around Dale’s age or slightly older. He had short, curly blonde hair, the opposite of Dale’s own straight brown hair that was constantly sticking up.

This kid had sharp brown eyes that stared piercingly at the Divine Firebirth Qilin, eagerly walking towards it. His sharp jaw and soft nose gave him an imperial look, as if he was royalty. He wore a pair of long, flowing purple robes that were covered in intricate designs. Two ascending rapiers were strapped onto his back, and gave off a faintly cold feeling.

The Qilin, upon seeing the blonde haired kid, immediately let out a scream of rage and blasted towards him, the wounds on the Qilin’s body seeming to become enflamed. Great gouts of fire surrounded the Qilin as it charged, leaving behind a trail of burnt ground.

“Uh.. crap!” The youngster stared at the charging Qilin uncertainty and started to step back, gathering cold blue energy around him as if to attack. The Qilin moved too quickly, however, and was nearly upon him in an instant.

Dale hadn’t been sitting around doing nothing, though. Upon seeing the boy that saved him land, Dale had begun to charge forward, intending on helping the boy defeat the Qilin. He was grateful for the boy’s aid, and instantly decided to return the favor. Even though he would have been able to dodge the Qilin’s attack if he truly wanted to, he was grateful for the other boy for helping him out. It was truly a nice thing to do. He would return kindness with kindness.

Thus, when the Qilin launched itself forward to attack, moving at a supreme speed, Dale launched himself forward as well, using a movement technique he had developed in his previous world, one of the three techniques he relied upon to be known as the number one genius among the younger fighters.

The first technique was his Titanic Transformation. This was the second technique, a skill he had developed on his own called the Shatter Steps technique.

When he was younger, Dale had developed a keen understanding of the earth. He had grown to understand the movements of the forces around him, being naturally attuned to the energy in the world. Through his practice and cultivation, as well as his understanding of the Perfect Balance skill, Dale had become inherently intune with the underlying forces of the world. While he couldn’t control these forces, Dale had developed a method to make these forces assist him.

He would launch a powerful, energy filled blow directly opposing the underlying forces present in wherever he stood. From the forces of gravity, to the laws of space, to the structure of time, whatever existed where he stood was something he could launch a blow against.

Naturally, his blow was extremely insignificant in the face of these natural forces. However, when his blow mysteriously collided with these natural forces, an extremely strong backlash would appear. Dale would use this backlash and grab a hold of it, borrowing its energy to rapidly accelerate.

This technique was very dangerous, and would usually obliterate whatever surface he stood upon. It was also something he could only use to accelerate himself, and not to attack others. He had tried experimenting with it to use it as an attack, and nearly killed himself trying to direct the force. At his level of understanding, he could only briefly grab on to the backlash to accelerate.

His acceleration, however, was monstrous. It was no slower than the acceleration of the Profound Beast before him.

Accordingly, Dale activated his Shatter Steps technique.

The ground beneath Dale exploded into a shower of shards of rocky earth and debris, as well as particles of water from the now largely destroyed watering hole as his body accelerated. He blasted forward, instantly appearing in front of the blonde haired boy.

With his incredible acceleration, as well as his Titanic Transformation and the weight increased claymore Aarsasho, Dale collided for a second time with the Divine Firebirth Qilin, unleashing an attack with all of his might.

The Qilin slammed into Dale’s blade with all of its own strength, divine fire blasting outward as it collided with Aarsasho. The Qilin was already incredibly strong, and normally it would be stronger even then Dale’s one million pounds of force. The ground beneath the two colliding contenders instantly cracked under the pressure of the massive blow.

Right now, however, the Qilin was badly injured, and unable to bring out the full force of its attack, as well as not being fully mature.

Thus, Dale’s blade slammed into its antlers, the main weapon the Qilin used for battle. His blow was already extremely powerful due to the heavy blade and Dale’s incomparably powerful transformed body. The Qilin was completely unable to block Dale’s attack and was blasted backwards through the air, flying several dozen meters away and slamming down.

A huge crater formed where the Qilin crashed down, blood spattering up from its wounds as it lay on the ground panting. Divine fire still raged up and down its body, but the Qilin stopped moving, too weakened to continue fighting.

Silence returned to the place where the watering hole had existed. The one pristine watering hole was now ripped to shreds, large chunks of earth and dirt separated by large holes or cracked earth. The sounds of wild life were nonexistent, every intelligent creature long since having fled the area.

As Dale stepped back down carefully, slowly sheathing Aarsasho on his back, he heard a quiet clapping ring out.

“Jacvshit gbrach javdh da!” The blonde haired boy proclaimed as he walked forward, looking at Dale with a friendly smile. He seemed quite happy.

Dale looked at him in confusion, not quite understanding his words. He was learning the common language of this world from the Scholar Shen, but he didn’t have it down one hundred percent yet. He needed at least a few more days of practice and teaching.

“Can you understand me?” Dale responded, speaking in the ancient tongue of Titans, what Scholar Shen called High Common.

The imperial looking figure did a double take, staring at Dale in surprise, before responding in High Common,

“You speak High Common? What a surprise! Yes I understand you!” The words rolled off a little oddly from the other boy’s mouth, as though accented.

The boy continued speaking,

“I wanted to thank you for helping me finally stop that damn horse. I’ve been chasing it for nearly two weeks now, across hundreds of islands in this Great Inner Sea. I’ve wounded it so many times, it’s ridiculous it could still flee.” The boy gestured at the wounded Qilin. The Qilin was still in the crater, having slipped into unconsciousness as its body slowly repaired the damage it had taken.

“It was nothing. I merely wanted to test my strength.” Dale said, waving his hand towards the boy. He cancelled out his Divine Ability, feeling the transformation recede as he calmed down. His eyes were alight, however. He always enjoyed a good fight, and the battle he had just fought in, though brief, had been fun. He felt a little drained, however, the transformation making him tired.

“Also for saving me just then!” The boy continued, ignoring Dale with a wink. “While I wouldn’t have died due to the treasures I wear, it still might have gotten lucky and injured me. Never let it be said that I, Tian Bourgeis, am ungrateful!””

“Nonsense!” Dale protested, “You saved me earlier, did you not? It was only fair that I in turn aid you! After all, that ice attack of yours was extremely fast.”

“Oh?” The boy said, flushing slightly at the compliment. He turned and smiled back at Dale.

“Well, you’re physical strength is incredible! In terms of pure, physical attack power, even I am second to you. How old are you, if I may ask?”

“Thirteen!” Dale replied, warming up to the other boy. “Oh, and my name is Dale, by the way.” He blushed, feeling rude for not introducing himself earlier.

“Thirteen?! That’s how old I am!” The boy in front of him suddenly jumped in the air, cheerfully yelling out in excitement. Dale stared at him in astonishment, shocked by the transformation. The boy went from graceful and poised to whooping up and down in happiness.

“This is destiny, friend! From this day forth, we are brothers!” Tian said, grabbing Dale on the shoulder.

Dale shook his head, a smile appearing on his face as he looked at his new friend. He couldn’t help but like the energetic boy, and laughed back with his new friend.

The imperial looking boy expert nodded sharply as he finished speaking, a pleased smile appearing on his face. He then walked over to the unconscious Qilin and withdrew a small, blue cage from his purple robes. He tapped the cage against the body of the Qilin. Instantly, the body disappeared, vanishing as a blue gleam of light flashed out of the cage. The cultivator stared down at the cage satisfiedly before turning to look at Dale with a warm smile.

“My name is Tian, Tian Bourgeis! I need this specific beast for a present for the one I am to marry. Because of that, I cannot gift it to you. However, I will give you this!” Tian withdrew a small, glowing purple ring from his robes and tossed it to Dale. He also withdrew a glowing orange orb that radiated energy, throwing it to him as well.

“If you ever get the free time, come and visit me! I live in the Continental Island of Jex, in the Heaven Break City! Just flash that ring and mention you’re there to see Tian Bourgeis, and you’ll be taken to see me!”

Tian and Dale talked for a few moments before separating, Tian apologizing as he left in a hurry. He mentioned something about a deadline and a tournament he had to prepare for before leaving, his previous grace and poise replaced by excitement and boyish cheer. Dale gave him a cheery wave as he left, feeling as if he had gained a new friend.

Dale looked down at the orb in his hands and the ring he had been given. He quickly put the ring on and ignored it, focusing his eyes on the orb the boy had given him.

In exchange for helping him defeat the Qilin, the boy had gifted Dale with a Profound Core for cultivation. It wasn’t just any ordinary Profound Core, however. It was one equal to the level that the Qilin’s Profound Core would have been, Dale learned.

An incredibly powerful 4 Star Profound Core!

A single 1 Star Profound Core was already enough to bring a regular person’s cultivation up to a decent level. Lei Bao, the strongest hunter in the village Dale was currently staying in, and a cultivator that had an equivalent level of cultivation as Dale, had only absorbed twelve 1 Star Profound Cores, and a single 2 Star Profound Core to reach that level.

What then would the results be, Dale wondered eagerly, if he absorbed the power in a peak 4 Star Profound Core?!


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