Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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Dale concentrated his mind on his Seas that rested in his Soul. White light drifted around his incorporeal body as he floated in the light of his Soul landscape. Dale turned his eyes to focus on the two Seas floating in his Soul.

What exactly were his Seas of power was a thought Dale often considered. In his Soul, there were two large pools of energy. They had always been a part of him, since the time he was born.

These two Seas were Dale’s Heritage Powers. Dale had inherited the special characteristics of two powerful races, the Fallen Angels and the Titans. Thus, he had two Heritage Powers. The main portion of his Heritage Powers were the enormous Sea’s in his Soul. The other portion, however, was the fact that both powers came with memories he could unlock.

His first Heritage Power was the red boiling Sea of energy in his Soul, his Titanic Sea. It was from this pool of energy that Dale was able to activate his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation.

Divine Abilities weren’t like regular attacks. They had to be trained, cultivated in a sense, in order to use their full power. Even if one learned the exact process of activating a Divine Ability, one would still need the foundation and practice to use it. Thus, Dale’s Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation could only be considered to be in its most basic form. He could activate the power, and it would greatly advance his strength, but only because he was at such a weak level. He needed to grow stronger, Dale knew.

The unlocked memories, however, were something Dale had kept. He had various memories that were passed down from other Titans, back to the time of his ancestors. From war generals to ancient merchants, from Titan kings to lowly soldiers. It was from these memories that Dale drew upon to learn the ancient language Titans spoke, High Common. He also vaguely knew that it was his mother who had been a Titan and passed this heritage onto him. His memories of her, however, were unclear.

As for his other Heritage Power, his Angelic Sea, Dale had never been able to access it.

From his inherited memories from his Titan side, Dale had learned that the Seas in his Soul were something that were designed to grow. His two Seas in his Soul now were roughly a thousand meters tall and a thousand meters wide, with maybe a few dozen feet of depth. When they were fully grown, however, Dale learned that they would first have to reach a length of millions of meters tall and wide, with a depth that seemed without end. Only then would his Seas transform into a true Divine Ability.

Dale took a deep breath and focused, looking into the two great Seas in his soul. He looked again as he saw the difference, astonished.

From a measly thousand meters large and wide, his Titanic Sea had nearly doubled in length and width, transforming to an astonishing almost two thousand meters wide, and two thousand meters long. The depth of his Sea as well has deepened, reaching roughly a third deeper than it had before.

The dark roots that had spread through his Sea, allowing him to fully access it, had also grown with the Sea. These dark black lines continued to spread throughout the rest of the newly grown Sea, giving Dale full control.

Dale turned his mental eyes to his Angelic Sea, noting the differences in it as well.

His Angelic Sea had grown from its original size of 1000 meters all around to… 1001 meters.

Dale gaped as he stared at it, irritated.

The energy his Soul had absorbed, after all, was extremely powerful in Dale’s eyes. It had been from the spirit of a 4 Star Profound Beast, after all, one that was extremely pure. While Dale didn’t understand the full implications of such a high level Profound Core yet, he still knew that the energy it controlled was very powerful.

Dale found the growth in his Titanic Sea to be acceptable, feeling the increase in the Sea would make his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation much stronger. His change in his Angelic Sea, however… it was truly too lacking. He shook his head in consternation.

As for his Gold Core… Dale sighed. It seemed he would need to find another way to cultivate or gain strength. His current cultivation Art just didn’t seem to work well with his body. He had always felt that way, but this was the only cultivation technique he knew. Now, however, that he knew there were different techniques, Dale decided the first thing he needed to do was find a new cultivation technique. That, or find a way to make his current technique work.

As he thought of that, Dale decided to review the techniques he knew from his previous world. He needed to be fully prepared for anything he ran into in this strange new world.

In his previous world, Dale’s martial arts had been considered top tier. His own comprehension had been monstrous, and the only thing that slowed him down was the difficulty he ran into in cultivation. It took him years to make significant progress with his Core, and his Core level could only be considered very average. His martial understanding and technique, however, were very high.

Thus, Dale had specialized in several very strong martial arts, ones that were difficult or unique. He was proficient in Time Arts, Aura Arts, his own self-created Earth Art, and the secret Art his master taught him.

Of these Arts, Dale put a mental hold on his Time Arts. Because of the extremely rigid laws binding this world, Dale was completely unable to activate or even use his Time Arts in the slightest. He still knew the techniques and would keep them in his mind for when he could use them, but as of right now, they were useless. He wasn’t strong enough to use them yet.

His Aura Arts… Dale decided to test them right now.

Aura Arts. These were Arts were a martial artist took energy from his Core and infused it into their “Aura.” One’s Aura was an intangible, invisible air about them. Infusing energy into one’s Aura was more about infusing energy into one’s intent. By infusing energy into intent, it would transform into a tangible Aura. This allowed martial artists to send out a simple punch that could transmit thousands of pounds of force through the air, or to create a feeling of tangible pressure that would weigh on an opponent in the air, or a plethora of other techniques.

Aura Arts were considered very mysterious, and difficult to comprehend. Even comprehending a single one of these Arts was considered a great feat.

Dale had comprehended two of them.

The first Aura Art Dale had mastered was a basic Art, one intended to teach the basics of Aura manipulation. Despite that, very few martial artists in his previous world had an understanding of it, and the Art was considered very difficult.

This Art was called the Basic Heavy Fist Aura Art, and a technique Dale used in the background. There were no specific moves to the technique, and the Art alone was designed to further his understanding of Aura. Through this Art, Dale had gained a thorough understanding of how to manipulate his Core energy and use it to affect his attacks.

The second Art he had practiced was much more advanced, and was a powerful technique, but one that was incomplete. As he considered it, Dale abruptly realized something.

The Aura Art he had learned was called the Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art. In his old world, even though the technique was incomplete, it had been considered a godly technique, and was ranked in the top 108 techniques in his entire world. And all of this was despite being incomplete. The origins of the Art were extremely mysterious, and he had never found out quite where the Art came from.

The Art taught Dale how to form and condense what Dale had called a Draconic Sea in his Soul. The Sea of power that formed in his Soul was very similar in make up to his natural Seas. In terms of size and power, however, when he had formed it, it was inferior. Despite that, it was decently powerful, and let Dale fake a Dragon like Aura. It was definitely a unique Art, unlike any of the other martial arts he had seen or learned.

As he thought about it, however, he came to a realization.

Dale knew from his inherited memories that his Titanic Sea was something that would grow over time until it was a full fledged Divine Ability. This Divine Ability, however, was not something that could be taught, and only something that could be inherited.

From his ancient memories, however, Dale knew that it was possible to teach other Divine Abilities. It was possible to learn Divine Abilities and cultivate them, not every Divine Ability was one that needed to be inherited. Indeed, the majority of Divine Abilities could be taught.

Every Divine Ability was something that started as a Sea and grew until it formed a full fledged Divine Ability.

Therefore… Because his Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art formed a Sea… Didn’t that mean it too was a Divine Ability?! That would explain why it was so different then the other martial arts he learned. Dale’s mind raced as he considered this, a palpable eagerness overwhelming him. With his difficulty increasing his cultivation, anything that could help him gain in power was something he desperately wanted.

He had never made the connection because of how small the Draconic Sea had been in comparison to his Titanic Sea. Even now, his Draconic Sea wasn’t even present in his Soul due to how he had stopped practicing the technique. Because of how strong his Titanic Sea had been in his previous world, he hadn’t bothered practicing the strange Aura Art to an extreme and it had fallen to disuse.

Immediately, Dale concentrated on his Soul. He brought to mind the memories of how to use the Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art, his memory bringing up the Art instructions.

The Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art, again, was incomplete. Dale only had the first three steps to the Art. Every step past that was unknown, and therefore limited how far Dale could practice the Art.

These three steps were something Dale had mastered long ago. They involved Dale focusing on energy in his Core, and transmitting it into his Soul through a series of mysterious and complicated chants, and forming the energy into a Sea. Dale went through them now, feeling the technique strain his concentration. Training in the Dragon God’s Overbearing Aura Art required an enormous level of comprehension, even at just the most basic steps.

Immediately, in his Soul in front of him, golden energy drifted from his glowing Core and condensed in the air. Dale automatically went through the chants and motions of the technique, feeling the golden energy in the air slowly shape into the Draconic energy that Dale had formed.

The Draconic Energy wasn’t a fiery red. Instead, it was a soft but powerful green. It warped the air in his Soul when it came into existence before immediately calming down. It was a soft, small glowing orb, roughly a meter large and wide.

An instant later, a huge drained feeling overwhelmed Dale as he felt the energy in his Gold Core completely drain away. He shook for a moment in his Soul before regaining control, staring at the green patch of energy intensely.

The green ball of energy floated over to land in-between the huge white Angelic Sea and the boiling red, larger Titanic Sea.


Dale nodded as he looked at his now reformed Draconic Sea. He didn’t know if that was the accurate term for the Sea he had formed, but named it that anyway. From his own personal experience, Dale knew that he couldn’t activate any specific ability from the Sea, and could only borrow its energy to power his attacks. If this technique truly was a Divine Ability, once it matured enough, it should be something he could activate. If it truly was a Divine Ability, his luck was simply too ridiculous.

Dale took a last look at the now three Seas in his Soul, a spark of hope appearing. While he couldn’t cultivate normally, as long as he could grow stronger by practicing with his Seas, he would be satisfied. He would figure out a way to cultivate later.

Dale then turned to the last two techniques he knew. His first technique was something he used all the time, the Earth Art he had personally created. It was from this technique, the Shifting Earth, Broken Land Art, that Dale had developed his Shatter Steps technique. This Art was something Dale had formed from his experiences in life, and was still in its initial steps.

The other, and final technique that Dale knew, was the secret Art his master taught him. This Art was also an incomplete Art, and was something that even his Master had never fully mastered or formed. The mysteriousness and power in this technique was Dale’s true trump card, and something that was extremely hard to comprehend.

In fact, in terms of rarity or skill, this secret Art was one that even if one gathered ten million cultivators in the universe Dale was currently in, the Floating Island Universe, it would be extraordinarily unlikely to find a single cultivator that could practice it.

It wasn’t because the Art couldn’t be taught. It was indeed a skill that could be passed on to another. However, the difficulty in awakening this skill without the aid of someone else was truly too difficult. If one was unaware of the forms and technique behind this secret Art, one would never be able to use it. If Dale hadn’t been taught the skill by his master, he never would have known of its existence.

However, Dale was unsure if he would be able to fully use his trump card. The technique relied upon the laws of the world he was in, and Dale had already discovered how impossibly strict the laws that bound this universe were in comparison to his old world.

Just as he was about to dive into practicing his last, and final Art, a loud crashing sound rang out, snapping Dale’s attention back to his room.

Dale looked up from the meditative pose he had taken in shock, spitting up a small amount of blood. His body was still slightly injured from the backlash he suffered earlier when trying to forcibly cultivate. Cloud squawked loudly and flew to the one window Dale’s room contained.


A loud, piercing pain filled yell shook the air and abruptly, the clash of blades screeched as a fight broke out, right in Scholar Shen’s front yard. Dale felt an oppresive, powerful energy shake him to his core as this occurred, coming from the front yard.

“Arrrrgh! Run away Dale!” Scholar Shen’s voice cried out in pain as if he had been badly injured. Dale felt waves of energy shake the house as another loud crash shook the air.

Rage filled Dale’s eyes as he realized someone was attacking Scholar Shen, and, without even a second thought, Dale leapt up from his room and withdrew Aarsasho from his back, rushing to defend the Scholar.


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