Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Dale blast through the door that separated him from the rest of the house, ferociousness emanating from him as he pulled his powerful body through the home towards where Scholar Shen was yelling.

His Gold Core throbbed dully in his Soul, the energy it contained spent and slowly recovering. He had just transformed the energy in his Gold Core into the virile, Draconic energy, and it had yet to recover. Dale wasn’t particularly worried, however. His Core energy had never been his strongest technique, indeed, with all the trouble had had in cultivating, his body alone was several times stronger then his Core strength.

Dale raced through the house and into the front yard in a couple seconds, moving with a grace born of years of practice. He held the giant claymore in front of him as he walked outside, prepared to attack or defend. His Growth Armor had yet to fully recover from his fierce battle against the Qilin from before, but still hung together well enough to provide some level of protection. Because he had only the barest amount of Core energy remaining in his Core at the moment, Dale also wasn’t able to activate his Perfect Balance.

As soon as he walked outside, Dale immediately assessed the situation, turning to face his left.

Scholar Shen was currently standing in his garden area on the side of his house. The elderly looking man looked terrible now, however. His cloth was ripped and torn, and blood covered his arms and face. A large amount of blood, however, seemed to be slipping down from his eyes, of all places. Despite that, Scholar Shen’s eyes seemed viciously alert as he stood among his partially destroyed garden, staring at the attacking figures angrily.

There were three other figures here besides Scholar Shen. Two were male, and one was female. All three figures were currently walking menacingly towards Scholar Shen, the air around them crackling.

Dale yelled at them angrily, exploding forward without pause.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

The instant Dale ran outside, he activated his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation. He was taking no chances with the enemies he saw before him, and wouldn’t allow them to further injure Scholar Shen. His master had told him, repay kindness with kindness. If he left Scholar Shen to fend for himself, he would be going against his master’s teachings.

Dale’s body rippled. Titanic, ferocious energy filled his skin, and instantly reformed and densified his muscles. Dale felt his cells and muscles grow stronger, he felt his very bones become tougher as his body became much stronger. Dale also noticed a tangible change in his transformation.

In his original transformation, Dale would become around five times as strong. He would a much tougher defensive skin, and his regeneration speed would increase exponentially.

This transformation, Dale felt even stronger than usual. Instead of five times as strong, Dale felt the rippling power beneath his skin and instantly came to the understanding that he was now roughly six times as strong as he normally was.

This may not sound like a massive increase. For Dale, however, this was extremely important. His regular body, if unaided, could bring out an incredible attack power of roughly 200,000 pounds of force. This was an extremely high number for someone at his level of cultivation. A punch from Dale could easily shatter a tree in two, smash huge cracks into a cliff face, form a massive wave in a lake.

When he activates his transformation, the fledging Divine Ability, his strength increased five fold. Now, however, his strength increased six fold. Instead of his normal one million pounds of force, Dale could roughly control 1 million two hundred thousand pounds of force. This was a huge increase.

Thus, Dale jumped at the three figures before he even got a clear look at them, anger and wrath powering his body as he flung himself forward. Aarsasho swung down towards the closest figure, slicing through the air at a breakneck speed.

The three figures twisted and turned to stare at Dale in surprise. Almost as one, a fiery, but at the same time charged, feeling appeared around them.

Immediately, a shower of electricity filled the air. Small and large bolts of electrical energy ran flush in the air before Dale as he swung Aarsasho down, rippling around. This electrical energy was a solid, light blue, and flickered mightily as Dale’s claymore slammed into it.

A high pitched, keening sound rang out, and Dale suddenly found himself flung backwards, hurtling through the air away from his target.

The instant Dale’s claymore collided with the field of blue electricity that had sprung up, Dale oddly found the force in his blade redirected. It was as if the lightning slammed into his blade and spliced his force in random directions. Dale was unable to comprehend how it had deflected his blade, a sword strike with the force of more than one million pounds behind it.

Dale sailed through the air and crashed into the side of Scholar Shen’s house, blasting against the wooden wall at a fast speed. However, instead of blasting through the wooden wall like he would expect, Dale actually bounced off the wood. It wasn’t that the force sending him flying was too weak, if anything, it was much too strong. Dale felt several of his bones bruise, and his entire body trembled despite his increased regeneration and the toughening aspect from his Divine Ability. The scant protection provided by his damaged Growth Armor didn’t stop anything.

The wooden walls of Scholar Shen’s house, however, were freakishly tough. Dale fell down hard onto the ground after bouncing off the wall. He instantly leapt back to his feet, ignoring the aches that appeared all around his body as he glared at the attacking figures. He prepared to step forward again and attack, refusing to believe they could continue stopping him.

Dale also got his first clear look at the attacking figures

The two male figures looked almost identical. Both wore what looked like extremely well tailored brown suits. A sharp black tie hung down from a brown jacket and shirt. Long brown pants tied together with a silk vest, and made them look wealthy and affluent. Both of these cultivators had nearly identical faces as well as identical clothes, however, with bright blonde hair and dark brown eyes outlining an arrogantly tilted jaw. Sparks of electricity surrounded these fighters, oddly flowing up and down their arms as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The only difference between the two was the mark on their faces. Both cultivators had an odd marking inscribed directly on their forehead. One had what Dale had learned was a symbol for the number 8, the other had a symbol for the number 7.

The third and last figure wore an elegant, long black dress covered in lacey patterns. It was an austere gown that accented her figure, and gave the black haired woman an elegant look. She had a gorgeous face, Dale noted and subsequently ignored, with soft curved lips and rosy cheeks. Her dark violet eyes stared curiously at Dale. She currently had an icy expression on.

“Dale!” Scholar Shen sputtered in High Common when he saw Dale rush forward, his face crinkling. Worry appeared on his face then, replacing the calm acceptance and anger that had previously been.

“Leave now! These aren’t someone you can beat with normal strength! This is my problem, I will solve it myself.”

The air around Scholar Shen distorted as he spoke, crinkling just the tiniest bit. Blood dripped down his face at a faster pace, his eyes bunching up. A strange Aura surrounded the man, an eerily powerful one that gave off an earthy sense.

“Oho? What’s this?” The elegant looking lady suddenly spoke in High Common, her voice soft and, at the same time, icy cold. An equally strange and equally powerful Aura surrounded this woman as she spoke, her’s much colder then Shen’s.

“What an odd tongue to speak in. Do you think I wouldn’t understand you in it, oh Daerush?” The woman motioned with her hand at the two brown suited cultivators to stand still, staring back and forth between Dale and Scholar Shen. Dale held still while the two talked, studying the two brown suited cultivators.

The attacks they had used to rebuff his sword strike… Dale had never seen or felt anything like it.

Dale had fought in hundreds of fights in his life. From training at the academies he had attended to the training under his ferocious master, Dale had his share of battle experience.

He had fought against all sorts of cultivators. He had met energy attacks before, and fought against cultivators that used their Core energy to manipulate electricity or the like. Cultivators that used a style like that usually weren’t as threatening in Dale’s eyes, as it was rare they could compete with Dale in any meaningful way.

However, the attack he received now had been extremely unique. Dale didn’t sense even the slightest bit of Core energy, or energy at all from the cultivators. Instead, it was as if the natural energy of the world had formed to attack Dale. The lightning energy that had slammed into him, it had felt like pure, natural lightning.

The difference between cultivator formed lightning and any type of natural lightning was naturally large. This was because, no matter how strong a cultivator was, the power of the lightning they formed would always be limited by their understanding and the level of energy they held.

Natural lightning, on the other hand, was under no such restrictions. Dale didn’t know enough about it, but he knew there could be natural lightning of ridiculously fearsome levels, and that the lightning that appeared when a cultivator challenged Ascension was deadly to the extreme.

The energy that had deflect Dale’s blow and sent him flying, Dale was certain it had been some form of natural lightning. His confusion in the matter lay in the fact that natural energy wasn’t something one could control. Especially here in this world with what felt like extremely rigid and powerful forces keeping everything at hand.

“Is this your disciple, oh Daerush?” The woman said sickly sweetly, turning to face Dale. The previously pretty, icy cool expression twisted into one of hatred and pure, furious anger.

The women continued to speak,

“To think you were listed as a Grand Scholar comparable to the likes of me. Pathetic. You are trash that is worth nothing to our Kingdom, scum that should die like the garbag-“


Dale’s voice shook the air, bestial and raw. When he spoke in High Common, his demeanor and voice changed as he used the memories of his Titan elders to communicate.

“I don’t know what conflict you have with Scholar Shen, and I don’t care. Leave now or I won’t go easy on you.” Dale’s roar shook the air loudly, his voice filled with deadly promise despite his relatively moderate words. He began to step forward ominously, slamming his feet down harshly as he walked towards the brown suited men.

Something else Dale couldn’t understand was the fact that he sensed and felt no level of cultivation from these cultivators. They didn’t give off any type of energy, not anything he could sense. He couldn’t accept that they were so powerful that he simply couldn’t sense the energy they gave off. Otherwise, they would have killed him already.

“Hahaha, us leave, boy?!” The brown suited man with a number 8 inscribed on his forehead yelled, also speaking in High Common. Electricity once again exploded, this time covering the air around this man in a fury.

“What a joke! I, Derek Thunderpike alone am enough to handle you-”

“ENOUGH.” The icy woman’s voice shook the air.

“Seventh Thunder, Eighth Thunder. Kill him now. Let the former Grand Scholar watch helplessly as his disciple dies before him.” Her voice spat venom in the air, the hatred palpable.

“Dale! Leave at once! I don’t want you dragged into this!” Scholar Shen seemed to go berserk. His determination to let Dale live despite the danger and terrible situation he was obviously in moved Dale’s heart.

The space around Scholar Shen seemed to tremble just the slightest amount. Abruptly, the earth the man stood on exploded into shards of piercing, spears of rock. These spears hurtled through the air at a lightning fast speed, containing an incredible amount of force. The space around these spears vibrated faintly, allowing Dale to tangibly feel the deadliness of this attack. These spears began to shoot through the air, headed towards the two brown suited cultivators.

However, before Scholar Shen’s attack could move more than a few feet, an enormous wall of ice appeared out of nowhere, slamming into the attack and blocking the Scholar’s strike. The resulting explosion of earth and ice shook the air, creating and sending debris hurtling into the sky. The explosion itself was massive, the collision of two forces of power on a scale Dale couldn’t even dare to touch.

Dale was thrown backwards off his feet, blasted several dozen meters away before he managed to gain a hold of himself. With a mighty yell, Dale slammed his claymore Aarsasho down into the ground, slowing himself enough to land.

As soon as he looked back up, however, his titan-enhanced muscles heaving, Dale saw before him, filling his vision, an enormous two pronged pure blue lightning bolt. This lightning bolt was extremely powerful, Dale sensed, and moved at a speed an order of magnitude faster than Dale. Compared to the lightning energy that had blocked his attack earlier, this two pronged fork of lightning was several times more deadly. If it struck him, it would at the least badly injure him.

There simply wasn’t time to dodge. Even with his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation enhancing his strength, even with his incomparably fast and powerful natural body, Dale was helpless in the face of the speed of this attack. It was literally moving faster than he could react.

Thus, Dale did the only option he had left.

He activated the secret Art his master had taught him, the special ability that almost no other mortal had.

Dale activated his Will.


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