Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19



The Golden Bamboo Cattle Dale had knocked unconscious had been slaughtered and skinned by the Profound Beast Hunters in the village, the golden horns carefully separated from their heads to preserve the medicinal powers in them. Lei Bao and several of the Hunters had taken the skin and hide of the beasts, as well as their horns and Profound Core, into the Great Lake City to be sold while Dale was unconscious. The Golden Bamboo Cattle were a low level Profound Beast and their horns would lose their medicinal properties if not used relatively soon.


The Crystal Bamboo Bull that Dale had defeated, on the other hand, was given directly to him. The Profound Beast Hunters had also skinned that beast as well, with great difficulty, and removed everything of value from it. The skin and hide of the beast, as well as its medicinal horn and Profound Core, had all been stuffed in the wooden chest that had been planted in Dale’s room. The medicinal powers in the Crystal Bamboo Bull’s horn would last much longer than those in the Golden Bamboo Cattle.


From the corpses and remnants of the Golden Bamboo Cattle, Lei Bao and the other Profound Beast Hunters made a total of 8,000 Energy Shards.


Energy Shards were the common currency of this Universe. An Energy Shard was a small white coin filled with Profound Energy. These coins were pressed and made by the Donden Merchant Company, and well regulated. Each Energy Shard contained a specific amount of Profound Energy, energy that could be absorbed to help one’s cultivation. The small coins were made out of a unique metal that was able to retain Profound Energy, though it couldn’t be used for anything else.


100 Energy Shards was roughly equal to the amount of energy in a 1 Star Profound Beast Core.


Thus, if one subtracted out the value of the three Profound Beast Cores sold, Dale and the Profound Beast Hunters made 7,700 Energy Shards from the hide and horns of the Golden Bamboo Cattle alone. This was equal to 77 1 Star Profound Cores, a large amount for cultivators barely at the 1 Star level.


A huge feast had been held in the village in Dale and the Profound Beast Hunters honor, celebrating the victory. This had all happened while Dale was still healing, and he didn’t actually end up attending, though he did hear stories about the revelry. Lin Rakesh had ended up drunkenly proposing to Lei Bao’s beautiful sister and been rejected as well as set upon by the defensive Lei Bao. Drunken fights and cheer had spread through the village for days at the newfound wealth.


Of the 8,000 Energy Shards, Dale was given the lion’s share of them, 6,000 Energy Shards. Dale was fine with his, seeing as he had done most of the work. The Profound Beast Hunters had still been the ones to actually find the beasts, however, and deserved a portion of the share, as well as for helping take him home after he became so badly injured.


Over these two weeks, Dale had focused on cultivating as quickly as he could. While his base cultivation level didn’t rise at all, remaining at the Gold Core stage, his Divine Abilities, namely his Titanic Sea and his Draconic Sea expanded a great deal. His Angelic Sea barely lengthened at all, something Dale became depressingly used to.


Dale absorbed the energy from all 6,000 Energy Shards over the course of two days. Dale found that he had to absorb the energy relatively slowly, and that absorbing the energy too quickly would result in waste. The amount of energy in 6,000 Energy Shards naturally couldn’t compare to the amount of energy in a 4 Star Profound Core, but it was still a significant amount. After that, he absorbed the energy present in the 3 Star Profound Beast Core, devouring it into his ever hungry Seas.


Dale’s Titanic Sea expanded from 2,000 meters in length to be around 2,500 meters, roughly. His Angelic Sea grew from 1,001 meters in length to… After squinting and examining it closely, Dale was actually unsure if it even grew at all. If it did, it was a dismal, extremely small amount. His Draconic Sea, however, was what experienced the largest change.


Because of his method of cultivating the technique, Dale had never managed to grow the Sea beyond a few dozen meters, and the power he could draw from it was thus limited. Now, however, with the help of the unique Profound Energy of this world, energy he could naturally absorb into his Soul, Dale was able to grow his Draconic Sea, the incomplete Divine Ability he owned.


Thus, Dale’s Draconic Sea grew from around a dozen meters or so to an incredible 400 meters long in a single go.


Dale sat meditating in his Soul, looking at the increase in his Seas with a smile. Dale could tangibly feel the increase in strength he gained from his Titanic Sea, the great pool of red energy sloshing about, black roots dispersed throughout it. Over the past two weeks, it had fully regenerated, and he had tested it several times. His strength, had increased by roughly 100,000 pounds of force when activating the ability, giving his blows an incredible one million and three hundred thousand pounds of force. This level of pure brute strength was normally something only grasped by experts with levels of cultivation much higher than Dale’s own. His Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation truly deserved it’s praise of being tied for the Number 1 Support Divine Ability in all of existence.


Dale hadn’t tested his Draconic Sea out quite yet, considering the only technique he knew how to activate was Laozi’s Gaze, and Dale knew his current Sea was much too small to handle that attack. The side effect of nearly destroying his body was also something Dale wished to avoid. However, from his expanded Sea size, Dale knew that his Aura techniques would become easier to use, and he could use higher level attacks, if he learned them.


With his Titanic Sea to empower his body and his Draconic Sea to allow him to use cultivation energy of sorts, though only Aura energy, Dale began to develop a plan. While he couldn’t cultivate the normal route, by cultivating his Divine Abilities, he would be able to grow in strength a separate way, a way that would be no weaker than if he cultivated normally. This combined with his secret power of Will gave Dale a very powerful edge.


As for Dale’s initial plan of cultivating in Law energy… Dale had come to a rough standstill.


The notes left behind by Scholar Shen were extremely detailed in the study of Law, and aptly described what the man had initially studied. The first Law Scholar Shen studied in was the Mortal Law of the Earth. According to the Scholar, Laws were split into three realms. Mortal Laws, which were the Laws that mortals could master, Immortal Laws which were Laws Immortals could master, and Creation Laws which Scholar Shen had been unclear on. The majority of Law Practitioners studied Mortal Laws, and only an extremely small number practiced Immortal Laws. That was because mastering an Immortal Law as a Mortal was extremely difficult. While the power when mastered may be great, the power when mastering a Mortal Law was extremely powerful as well, and much much easier.


The Mortal Law of the Earth was something Dale had eagerly started to train in, and something Dale discovered was as difficult as Scholar Shen had said.


Training in Law energy involved one cultivating a seed of that energy inside of them. For the Mortal Law of the Earth, Dale needed to form a Seed of Earth in his Soul. This was a very difficult process, and it involved Dale finding Earth natural energy and gaining control over it enough that he could absorb a minute portion of it. Once the Seed was in his Soul, it would grow and take root, expanding into a fully grown Tree of Law. When a Tree was fully grown, one would have completely mastered the Law they studied. Growing the Tree, however, required incredible resources and incredible comprehension of the Law. As well, not all Masteries of Law were equal. The size of the Tree, as well as the length and size of the roots of the Seed all played into how strong one’s Mastery of Law was. No two Masters of one Law would be equal in strength.


As such, Dale had yet to form his Seed of Earth, despite studying the notes for more than a week. He needed to find some source of Earth natural energy and absorb part of it before he could begin cultivating in Laws, and till he found such a source, he was at a stand still.


Dale opened his eyes, exiting his Soul landscape as he looked around his room. Outside, the sounds of feet walking towards his house had alerted him, causing him to come out of meditation. He had run out of cultivation resources and wasn’t cultivating, and had instead been trying to figure out how he would form his Seed of Earth.


“Master Dale! Are you here, sir?” A familiar voice called out respectfully.


Dale walked to the door and threw it open, smiling as he saw Lei Bao, the chief Profound Hunter of the village.


Ever since Dale had dealt with the 3 Star Profound Beast, Lei Bao had treated Dale extremely respectfully. It made Dale feel a little awkward to have someone so much older then him treat him with such respect, but Dale could sense the man’s good intentions, and went with it.


“Yes Lei Bao,” Dale said, nodding familiarly, “What is it?”


“Myself and the other Profound Beast Hunters are about to head in to the Great Lake City,” Lei Bao said, tapping on his chest as he spoke. The giant greatsword he had strapped into his back swayed as he talked.


“Oh?” Dale looked up, slightly surprised. The Hunters had, after all, just returned from the City a couple weeks ago. It was rare for the Profound Beast Hunters to leave for the Great Lake City more than once a month.


“Yessir, you see, a messenger came to our village today. Apparently, a powerful and wily Profound Beast has been attacking people in the Great Lake City. Several dozen people have fallen to this strange beast, and it has caused great scenes of havoc. Because of the beast’s great speed, all the Profound Beast Hunters from the outlying villages have been called in to provide aid. Even if we can’t defeat the beast, we can help surround it. Any village that provides sufficient aid in capturing or defeating the beast is to be rewarded with exemption from taxation for ten years.” Lei Bao nodded as he spoke, his eyes energetic. The big man was always filled with enthusiasm.


“I figured we would invite you, Master Dale. With your great strength, the Profound Beast Hunters from our village would have no trouble with the beast if it attacks us, and we would gain the reward for our village here, which would ease the burden us Profound Beast Hunters have to hold.” Rayman Village, Dale recalled, had to provide a specific number of Profound Beast Cores as tribute to the Great Lake City every year. If they could stop providing that tribute, the strength of cultivators in the village would increase quickly.


“Is that so?” Dale said, standing up. He nodded his head as he thought about it, liking the idea of going to the city. He still had the medicinal horn of the Crystal Bamboo Bull to sell, as well as its tough hide, and needed to find a source of Earth natural energy. He would be able to sell the supplies he had and search for a source of Earth natural energy in the city. Dale had also become friends with many of the villagers, chiefly the small, adorable Lei Fan and Lei Bao, the man in front of him. Helping them out was something he would naturally do, because of the kindness they have shown him.


“Well, then it looks like I will be joining you!”



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8 months 1 day ago

I really want to smack Dale after reading this chapter. He has two Seeds of Law already. The Seed of Darkness in his Titanic Sea and the Seed of Chaos, which I’m guessing is an extremely dangerous but powerful law, being controlled by his Angelic Sea.

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well it’ll funny when he figures it out

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