Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


Dale looked around the Inn room he had just entered, setting down his gear. Phantom pain from his missing right arm tingled through him as he carefully set down the massive chest that was strapped to his back, unsealing it. He then began the arduous process of taking off his armor with only one arm.


After peeling off the damaged Growth Armor, Dale sat down to meditate, preparing to heal himself.


Titans, the race that formed half of Dale’s heritage, were famed for two things. Their incredible strength, and their incredible regenerative properties. Through the use of their natural inborn Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation, Titans had incredible regenerative powers and strength. However, the body of a Titan was extremely strong and durable as well, many times stronger than that of an average human. Physically, Titans were ranked in the top of all creatures in terms of raw strength.


Dale’s level of his Titanic Sea could not be considered anywhere near the top. At his current strength, however, regenerating something like an arm, while not exactly easy, was well within Dale’s limits. When he had moved his arm to intercept the pure looking cultivator’s blade, Dale had been aware of this.


As he considered this, Dale realized he would have to change his fighting style. Now that he had full access to his Titanic Sea, the ability to regenerate and heal his body was something he could make use of. He wouldn’t have to avoid scarring or normally permanent injuries, and could fight dangerously, knowing he could later heal. In fact, at higher levels of his ability, Dale would be able to regenerate things like his arms or legs during the process of a fight itself.


Dale’s mind entered his Soul landscape as he consolidated his concentration. Dale mentally looked around as he entered the white landscape. Soft white glowing fog drifted about in random patterns, flowing through unknown currents. Dale saw his two massive Seas, and the smaller Draconic Sea. His Titanic Sea was what Dale focused on, deciding to learn more about his Divine Ability. The fast moving Sea crashed too and fro, the frothy read energy covered with a complex amount of black roots. Dale grasped onto this power, feeling it flow through him.


In his mind, Dale mentally sent a command to the Sea energy. He activated his Divine Ability, Titanic Transformation, but instead of transforming his entire body, he focused on just trying to heal his right arm.


Dale rapidly began to draw from the energy, feeling it naturally absorb into his body. As he felt the energy congregate, Dale noted that he couldn’t focus the regenerative properties of the Divine Ability. The transformation was focused on his entire body, on healing and regenerating his entire body. Normally, Dale wouldn’t want to focus on just a single spot, because he would be using the transformation to fully transform. Now, however, Dale wanted to focus on healing one thing, and conserving energy. As of right now, though, the energy spread throughout his body, healing everything at once. The wound on his shoulder began to heal, though at a slow pace.


As Dale tried to focus the raw, Titanic energy on where his arm was, an idea struck him. He grasped onto his Will.


Immediately, the familiar sense of authority came upon him. Dale felt like a king, as if he could order anything. With a mental command, Dale physically redirected the Titanic energy into his right shoulder.


The energy ran flush in his body and then flooded into his right shoulder. Dale felt a burning sensation and then his entire shoulder went numb. A quiet, underlying feeling of pain emanated out of Dale’s right shoulder as, slowly, but surely, his right arm began to reform.


Dale watched with interest, his forehead covered in a sheen of sweat, as a small arm slowly formed and began to grow. Soon a small stubby right arm formed out of his shoulder, like that of a four or five year old. After a minute of expanding, the arm reached the length and size of a nine or ten year old.


Though the process only took a rough minute, Dale felt an enormous drain on his Titanic Sea. While his body could reform his limbs using his inborn Divine Ability, he was not yet at a level where it was easy.


Finally, after a painful eight or nine minutes, Dale looked down at his newly reformed arm, comparing it to his left arm. His right arm was now much paler than his left, a result of it having never seen the sun. He flexed the muscles in his right arm, feeling everything back to normal. He hadn’t lost any precision, he noted, as he moved his right arm up and down quickly.


Dale smiled, satisfied, and released his Will and let the remaining energy absorb back into his Titanic Sea. Dale looked at the size of his Sea, noting that he drained around 1/3rd of the Sea by reforming his arm. It seemed that, while it was an arduous process to regenerate, it didn’t drain too much of his Sea.


Dale stopped meditating, exiting his Soul landscape. He blinked as his eyes focused on his room again. Whenever he meditated, he was able to look at both his Soul landscape and the regular world around him at the same time. He could only focus on one at a time however, and had to alternate between the two.


As he finished healing himself, Dale glanced over at the massive chest he had set down a few minutes earlier, and his mind went back to the events that had occurred earlier to day.








The loud voice shook the air, silencing the other cultivators present. The Great Lake City civilians, as well as Dale and the two fighting cultivators all turned to look at the speaker.


An elderly man wearing a plain white shirt and brown trousers, with a brown apron on over his shirt, stood floating in the air a few dozen meters away. The man had a long fishing rod strapped to his back, and was currently glaring at Tian Shou and Gorgth angrily.


“Ah, you must be the City Lord here?” The pure light cultivator abruptly stepped away from Dale and the barbaric cultivator, sheathing his katana. His entire manner changed as he spoke, his heavy rage apparently vanishing. A flash of white light shined around him and Dale stared in astonishment as the cultivator shrank around a foot, and transformed. Or rather, Dale guessed, he released his transformation, changing back into his original form. The cultivator retained his long blonde hair and femininely handsome facial features, though white light no longer glowed around him and his skin became slightly tanner.


“I apologize for the disturbance I have caused. To meet someone at your level of strength is a surprise, especially in such a small island in the Great Inner Sea.” Tian Shou cupped his hands as he apologized. The cultivator then floated into the air, at roughly the same height as the City Lord. The civilians watching all gasped in astonishment at the spectacle.


The City Lord of Great Lake City was a reclusive figure that was almost never seen. Very rarely did he make any public announcements, and the majority of the civilians and cultivators in Great Lake City, as well as the outlying villages, had never seen the man. For him to be casually flying in the air, however, indicated that he was at least a 5 Star Profound Expert, a level of strength that was recognized everywhere in the Floating Cloud Universe.


To put this into perspective, most City Lords for Major Islands as small as the Great Lake Island, an Island that was less than a hundred miles wide, most would be at the 3 Star level at best. For the Great Lake City to have a 5 Star City Lord, it was quite unexpected. His strength should not be inferior to a Sect Elder’s in the Jex Continental Island or a Kingdom General’s in the Lleyta Continental Island.


However, for the youth that responded to float in the air and join the elder, this was extremely surprising. The cultivator the civilians saw, after all, could not be older than 19 or 20. His skin was unblemished and he was still not yet fully grown.


Yet, he already had the cultivation of a 5 Star Expert at the minimum.


A 5 Star Expert was a cultivator that had reached the peak of their regular cultivation style and fully transformed their cultivation energy into natural energy, or at least an imitation of natural energy. This was a level that was extremely hard to reach, and very few cultivators could successfully grasp. Even then, it usually took one decades to get to this level of understanding and power.


For this pure looking cultivator to have reached such a level at such a young age… the civilians in the crowd watching could only think of one word to describe him. Monster!


The City Lord snorted, turning his head to face Gorgth as the barbaric cultivator spoke up as well.


“I apologize as well, City Lord. I will personally pay for the damage we have caused your city. Let it not be said that I, Gorgth Breaker, am cheap!” The barbaric cultivator let out a loud yell as well and leapt into the, small streaks of fire flowing around him naturally. He abruptly stopped as he jumped, pausing as if he had landed on a stone platform. He floated in the air above the ground, the red fire flowing around him.


The watching civilians, as well as Watch Commander Bron, all let out a second gasp of astonishment, shock rippling through the nearly thousand citizens that had gathered to watch the commotion. From merchants to guards, from Profound Beast Hunters to miners, all of them were completely shocked.


For this fire wielding cultivator to be able to float in the air, even if he had to forcefully jump and couldn’t fly like the pure looking cultivator, it meant that his level of cultivation was at least in the 4 Star range, and probably at the peak of the 4 Star level. Considering the two cultivators had been fighting as equals earlier, it was not a large jump for the crowd to realize that this young cultivator was also a monster.


As the watching crowd grappled with the realization of these two monstrously powerful cultivators present, the City Lord replied to the barbaric looking cultivator.


“It isn’t needed, nor wanted. Do not make trouble again. I care not for either of your backgrounds. If you make trouble again here, I will forcibly remove you, and I will not be gentle.”


When the City Lord spoke, his words contained a weight to them that weighed down on the air. Dale felt the aura the man gave off and shivered. This was not a person he wanted to fight. He felt a similar feeling when he looked at Scholar Shen, a feeling of something huge, of trying to fight a giant. When Dale fought against the pure looking cultivator, he didn’t get this feeling, despite his injury. From this elderly looking man wielding a fishing rod, however, Dale stayed wary.


After a moment, both floating cultivators nodded and bowed, not saying anything else. The barbaric looking cultivator laughed and descended back to the ground, walking over to a nearby tavern, while the pure looking cultivator turned to give Lei Fan a vicious stare and Dale a smirk, nodding at his missing arm, before zooming away out of the city.


The City Lord took a glance at the citizens below, and then over at Dale and Lei Fan. For a second, Dale felt as if he was being completely seen through, as if he had no secrets. The moment only lasted a second, however, and quickly passed. Dale brought his left arm up to clutch his head, feeling woozy from blood loss and pain.


After that, the City Lord simply left, saying nothing. Peace returned to the streets, and order slowly reestablished itself. Dale and the rest of the villagers line up and went through the line, entering the city. From there, they went directly to an Inn, Lei Bao and Lei Fan looking at Dale with worry in their eyes. Dale had, after all, just lost his entire right arm. For a warrior to lose their sword arm, this was equivalent to cutting their potential and strength in half.


Dale brushed off their worries, however, giving them a mysterious smile as they made their way into the Inn. He decided to have a little fun.




Dale shook his head, coming back to the present. He then walked back over to the chest he had just unstrapped, picking it up in his hands. The hefty weight of the medicinal horn and hide of the Crystal Bamboo Bull weighed several hundred pounds.


“Master Dale, are you alright? Do you need anything?” Lei Bao’s familiar voice echoed, filled with concern.


“Come in Lei Bao. I have a few questions.” Dale said, opening the chest and glancing over the contents.


He heard the door open behind him, creaking as Lei Bao slipped into the room. Lei Bao stopped, abruptly, gasping out loud in shock.


“Wha-wha what?!”


Dale turned around, saying,


“What’s the matter, Lei Bao? Aren’t you going to answer a few questions?” He struggled to keep a grin off his face at Lei Bao’s shocked expression.


“Bu-but. What. Your arm?! It was missing?! Wha-?!” Lei Bao stared down at Dale’s newly reformed right arm, then at his face, then back at his arm, then all around. Total confusion mixed with shock twisted his face into such a humorous expression that Dale couldn’t help it, and started laughing.


Lei Bao stared at Dale with a mix of confusion and irritation as Dale burst out laughing. This only served to make Dale laugh harder, however, laughing so hard tears streamed down his face. Dale made sure to wave his right arm a few times, further confusing Lei Bao.


“What about my right arm?” Dale said, still smiling, “It’s always been here hasn’t it?”


Lei Bao threw his hands in the air and shook his head, his regular easygoing smile appearing,


“Ah, very well. You got me Master Dale. What questions can I answer for you?” The man snuck glances at Dale’s right arm as he spoke, as if still not believing his eyes. To fully regenerate an arm in such a short time, after all, it wasn’t easily believable. A hint of awe colored his eyes as he looked at Dale.


“You said we could sell these materials somewhere right?” Dale nodded, turning serious.


“That’s right! The Donden Auction House!”



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“You said we could see these materials somewhere right?” Dale nodded, turning serious.

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