Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29




The Yellow Thunder Beast shrieked out loud as it dashed towards the two cultivators that had been in the crowd from the Donden Auction House. Its movement speed was extremely fast despite its injuries, crossing the distance between the two experts in a heartbeat.


“I’ll be taking your hide for my captain, foul creature! A truly powerful defensive armor!” The cultivator that was covered in red lace clapped his hands together a second time. Both hands were now a deep burgundy red and covered in what appeared to be rough lizard scales.


Dale regained his balance and kicked off the ground after the Yellow Thunder Beast, using his Shatter Steps technique to accelerate quickly. His movement speed, however, was still slower to some degree than the injured Yellow Thunder Beast.


The Yellow Thunder Beast, meanwhile, arrived directly in front of the cultivator wearing a red lace suit. Electricity flowed around the beast as it concentrated energy in its right arm, the sheen of energy visibly growing.


“Dodge its attack!” Dale yelled out as he closed in on the Yellow Thunder Beast.


“Hiyah!” The red suited cultivator ignored Dale, chopping forward with his red scale covered palms. He moved his arm directly downward in a forward chop, cracking the ground beneath his feet as he concentrated his force into his technique.


The Yellow Thunder Beast responded by whipping its right arm directly forward and intercepting the descending right fist. Depsite the hole in the creatures right shoulder, its arm strength didn’t seem to be too impeded, though the creatures balance was visibly off.


The electric energy covered furred fist slammed into the red scale covered chop and blasted right on through, disintegrating the defending cultivators right arm.


“Wha-what?!” The red laced cultivator looked down at where his right arm had been in shock. Electricity flowed on his shoulder and his body as the energy from the Yellow Thunder Beast cauterized the shoulder wound, not letting any blood escape.


Before the red laced cultivator could react, the Yellow Thunder Beast thrust its left hand directly into his chest, moving at an incredibly quick speed. The hand stabbed directly where the red laced cultivator’s heart was, destroying it. Small sparks of electricity flowed all over the Yellow Thunder Beast’s body as it attacked, starting to vibrate at a face rate, in a circular motion.


“Ahh?! Ahhhhhrrrghhhhhh!” The cultivator let out a scream in pain before perishing. The red lace suit he wore ripped into shreds as his body shriveled up, energy and power whisking out of him and along the arm into the Yellow Thunder Beast. The sparks of energy that flowed around the Yellow Thunder Beast grew larger as it absorbed the energy and life force of this cultivator.


A second later, the red laced cultivator’s corpse fell to the ground, a shriveled husk.


The Yellow Thunder Beast, meanwhile, let out a loud shriek. Its body visibly began to heal, the hole in its right shoulder regenerating. The fur that covered its body also seemed to grow stronger, a bright luster appearing. Its formerly thin body filled out a slight amount, becoming slightly less lean. It then turned to face the cultivator next to the red laced cultivator, a man wearing a green robe that was staring at the Yellow Thunder Beast in shock.


At this point in time, Dale arrived directly behind the creature, arriving too late to save the red laced cultivator, but just in time to intercept it from attacking the green robed one.


Dale’s right fist, hardened and spiked by his Will, silently slammed in to the back of the Yellow Thunder Beast.


Or at least, it should have.


In the instant that his fist grew close to the body of the creature, the sparks of energy that surrounded it began to fluctuate. Without warning, the creature blurred forward, moving at its originally godly fast speed. Dale’s right fist missed the creature’s back.


However, Dale’s attack speed was not something that could be ignored. While he might not move as fast as the Yellow Thunder Beast, he was still very quick with his attacks, and his fist was only a few inches from the beast when it was detected. Thus, his right fist missed the creatures back, and slammed into its right leg instead.


Dale felt his fist miss, and, in that moment, realized that the creature was able to regenerate its wounds if given a source to leech energy from. The shriveled husks from earlier suddenly made more sense.


Knowing this, Dale changed his attack mid form. Instead of punching down on the creature’s right leg, he grabbed onto it, his Will reinforced hand locking down in a vice like grip.




The bird faced beast shrieked as it kicked down at Dale’s hand, trying to shake his arm off. Its leg moved extremely fast, raining down several blows on Dale’s right hand.


Fortunately for Dale, the Yellow Thunder Beast didn’t seem to be able to or willing to use its explosive electricity attack on or near its legs. While its leg kicks were strong, with Dale’s hardened skin and enhanced body, they were something he could endure.


“Yes! Hold it still! Let me get a shot on it!” Watch Commander Bei Bron’s voice shouted out from the cave entrance. Dale managed a glance at him, seeing the brightly glowing wooden bow in the man’s hands. A powerful red light emenated from the bow, giving off a tangible feeling of danger.


“Alright!” Dale yelled out in response, bringing his other arm up to block the blows the Yellow Thunder Beast began to rain down upon him.


Blow after blow slammed into Dale as the creature savagely tried to shake him lose, energy and electricity flowing off and around its body. Dale’s inhumanly tough skin, however, meant he could block the majority of the damage. With him holding the creature still, he was able to prevent it from fleeing and using its extreme movement speed to escape.


As he grappled with it, Dale noted that the attacks it was using were significantly stronger than before. When he had previously fought the creature, its blows had only been powerful when it used its explosive electrical attack. Its physical attacks had been quite weak. Now, however, while its attacks weren’t extremely strong, they were much stronger than before. Dale was unsure why.


Dale managed to reach out and grasp ahold of the creature’s right arm, now having a vice grip on its right arm and leg. He then hunkered down, refusing to let go and focusing all of his Will on strengthening his defenses. The Yellow Thunder Beast continue to let loose with savage attacks on Dale’s arms, trying to dislodge him. Dale used his left arm to block attacks aimed at his head, while his enhanced body absorbed most of the damage from the creature’s attacks. While it wasn’t something he could do indefinitely, he could manage a few more seconds.


“I’ll help!” The man wearing a green robe seemed to gain his courage now that Dale had the beast locked down. This expert once more pressed his palms together in a praying manner. His robe began to stretch out as muscles bulged underneath his skin, his body expanding slightly. The cultivator rushed forward at the beast and began to let loose with several powerful palm strikes, green energy slightly emanating off his fists. He gave off a slightly earthy feeling, as if he was at peace with the ground.


The Yellow Thunder Beast was forced to stop attacking Dale in order to respond to the green robed cultivator. Dale felt it kick and punch out at the expert, deflecting the attacks. While the green robed cultivator wasn’t doing any real damage, it was enough to distract the creature.


And in that moment of time, Watch Commander Bei Bron unleashed his bow attack.


The Commander practiced a cultivation art that focused on hunting and tracking, called the Borivon Scout’s Cultivation Technique. This Art had several techniques dedicated to using the bow, powering up for sneak attacks, and for tracking. The cultivation method was a general one, focused on enhancing the body and forming a Core of energy in one’s body. While it couldn’t be considered a rare cultivation technique, neither was it a common one, and very few people actually practiced it.


Watch Commander Bei Bron had just finished charging the strongest attack he could unleash, the Demon Slaying Bow Strike. The strike was very powerful, capable of letting a 3 Star expert unleash an attack that even a peak 4 Star expert would be badly injured from. Of course, the attack had its downside, mainly the notion that it required a long period of time to charge and used up a great deal of energy, as well as the fact that movement while charging was difficult.


“Incoming!” The Watch Commander yelled out as the red light on his bow reached a crescendo. With a battle cry, the muscles on the Watch Commander’s arms visibly stretching from the enormous strain of holding back the shot, the Watch Commander let loose with his bow.


An incredibly bright streak of red light flashed across the cave way, streaking towards the Yellow Thunder Beast at a speed that was barely visible with the human eye. This red light flashed brightly as it zipped across, leaving a vacuum of destroyed air in its wake.


Gorgth, who had been watching the fight with a half bored glance, look up as he watched the red light flash across, a gleam of interest in his eyes. He gave an approving nod. Abruptly, for an unknown reason, Gorgth whipped his head around, facing outside the entrance of the cave.


The Yellow Thunder Beast didn’t stand still, meanwhile. When it saw the red light powered attack flash towards it, the creature sensed the incredible danger this arrow strike emanated. If it was at its full strength, this arrow shot would only badly injure it at best, possibly even only lightly injuring it. In fact, if it was at its full strength, it would have been able to dodge the attack.


However, the beast was injured, its shoulder not yet fully healed, and its mobility was limited by Dale’s vice like grip on one leg and arm, and the green robed cultivators constant palm strikes on its other side.




Facing the inevitable attack, with only a split second to react, the Yellow Thunder Beast suddenly did something neither Dale, nor the green robed cultivator, nor Watch Commander Bei Bron, or even Gorgth could have predicted.


Moving in extremely precise motions, the Yellow Thunder Beast ignored the palm strikes from the green robed cultivator and, covering its free palm with an intensely glowing sheen of electricity, chopped down on the leg Dale had a vice grip on, directly slicing it off its body.


Dale looked at the leg he was now holding in shock. The creature had just sliced off its entire right leg of its own free will.


All of this took time to describe, yet happened in an instant.


And right after that instant, the red arrow of light arrived.


An explosion of dark red light shook the cave.



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7 months 17 days ago

though you linked the wrong chapter to the post
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you’re really getting into cliffhangers lately, huh? T_T

7 months 16 days ago

I wonder whats down this cliff?

7 months 16 days ago

Good story and all…but sometimes the way you use words is kind of weird (@ Author). For instance when use “crescendo” to describe a peak energy state/charge, crescendo has to do with sound, musical or sharp rising sound… And also be a tad more subtle with how you remind readers of our protagonist’s ultimate goal i.e. get strong enough to save his friends etc. You tend take the slightest opportunity to hammer it over your readers heads’ … Just saying
Good story though

7 months 16 days ago

…also might I add that, unlike your usual Chinese xianxia, wuxia authors you don’t have a word quota to fill so it might be good idea to remove all the filler words and unnecessary repetitions of abilities and explanations. This should improve readability…

7 months 15 days ago
All of this took time to describe, yet happened in an instant. You’ve repeated that way too many times, it is actually starting to annoy me every time I see it. I know Chinese novels repeat things a lot but that’s in large parts due to translation. Try to change it up, even if you are saying it the same thing a slight change in how you word it can make it flow a lot better. no reason to string it out either, just say something like ‘All of this took but a moment’ ‘And after that moment’ etc Anyways,… Read more »
4 months 1 day ago

Thanks for the chapter.

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