Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32


A soothing rhythm pulsed, over and over, repeating itself. It pounded, thump thump thump, a resounding boom that echoed softly.


Dale blinked, slowly opening his eyes. He looked around, staring at his surroundings.


Soft white light glowed all around him, floating softly. Strands of ephemeral fog moved in mysterious patterns, floating indistinctly in the air.


He was in his Soul landscape.


Dale was unsure how he entered his Soul landscape in his sleep, but he had inadvertently entered it.


As he looked around his Soul landscape, the memories of the fight and past suddenly flooded back into Dale in a rush. He remembered the extended battle and chase with the Yellow Thunder Beast, and the subsequent battle in the cave and giant ball of lightning energy. The Yellow Thunder Beast had been absorbing that ball when he interrupted it.


The last thing he could remember was a fist size ball of lightning energy separating and shooting towards him.


As these memories flooded into him, Dale blinked again, sensing that still pulsing sensation.


From the depths of his Soul Landscape, a pulsing sound continued to sound out. It was like a heartbeat, albeit one that sounded off slowly.


Dale floated over to the origin of the sound. He passed by his Gold Core and grew near his various Seas of energy in his Soul, the sources of energy that powered Divine Abilities. His Titanic Sea was a shadow of what it had been, much of it drained away. It was slowly recovering however, and seemed to have expanded slightly. The black roots that he glanced over remained as they had always been, spread out and flourishing. He continued to float towards the origin of the-


Dale whipped his head back, pausing. Adrenaline flushed into him despite the fact that he was in his Soul landscape as a crazy idea formed in Dale’s mind.


The black roots that had spread throughout his Titanic Sea had been something Dale had taken for granted. They had first formed back in his original world, when he learned of his parent’s death. They had perished after being hunted down by a group that made it their mission to eliminate all Titans, of which his mother was one. At that time, an enormous amount of grief and hate had formed in Dale’s soul. He faintly remembered what had occurred, pure darkness surrounding him in a ball. He had only climbed over that hatred with time, after making a vow to hunt down and kill his parent’s killers, something he had been unable to do. The killers had fled his Plane as the world collapsed, just a little before Dale himself had been sent away.


Regardless, Dale vividly remembered the exact moment the roots had appeared in his Titanic Sea. Before even the first root formed, all of the darkness had originated from a small, black orb. A seed.


Dale floated above the still regenerating waters of his Titanic Sea. He slowly sank downward, towards the dead center of the giant pool of energy in his Soul. He felt the world around him alight as he settled down upon the slushing energy.


Slowly, Dale sank into the Sea of energy.


Power broiled about Dale, raw titanic fury that echoed without end. Memories of battles long past and wars won or lost floated around Dale in an endless haze.


Dale focused, however on the black roots around him, and on the dead center of this Sea, where, floating just a foot from the bottom of the pool, lay a large, fist sized black globe. It looked foreign and at the same time powerful, but dormant.


Dale sent his awareness over to the black seed, scanning it.


Immediately, he felt as if a massive weight was bearing down on his mind as he sensed an extreme amount of sensations. Darkness, cold, absence, fear, shadow, hopelessness, hollowness, control, a plethora of emotions and ideas slammed into Dale, knocking him mentally backwards. His unprepared mind flinched and he was sent flying backwards, rejected away from the dark orb. The roots of darkness shivered in the wake of the disturbance before settling back down.


Dale looked about, dazed for a few moments before recovering himself. He wavered in the air of his Soul landscape, slowly calming down.


As he settled down, Dale looked back at the black orb of darkness and realized something.


In his mind, the dark orb no longer looked foreign and unknown. Instead, he had just the faintest hint of familiarity, as if he had gained an extremely tiny portion of forced understanding.


“This is a Seed! A Seed of Law!”


Dale had extensively read the journal and studies that the Scholar Shen had left him. They detailed the Scholar’s first discoveries and journeys into understanding the mysterious art of Law.


According to the Scholar, there were three main steps to mastering a Law.


The first step was to build a foundation. The Seed of Law that was formed had to take root in one’s soul, spreading its roots of Natural Energy throughout and solidly locking down.


The number of roots that were placed down were a direct indication of the quality of the Seed one would form. Some cultivators would spend dozens of years simply allowing their Seed of Law to consolidate roots, to maximize their foundation.


If one used regular, Basic Natural Energy, their Seed would start out with 1 to 3 roots, slowly spreading throughout one’s Soul. One could expand on this with time, by absorbing one’s Core energy into the Seed or by seeking out more Natural Energy to absorb. Forming roots was an extremely arduous process, however, and even forming one or two more roots would take many years, even with a ready supply of Natural Energy. The Seed formed relied upon quality more so than quantity. This type of Seed, if used as a foundation, would only allow one to grasp the basics of that power of Law and never master it.


If one used Mature Natural Energy, the Seed formed would form with 4 to 6 roots. This type of Seed would contain a rich amount of Natural Energy, and would be suitable for the most basic level of mastery, with the potential to grow to the most advanced levels. Anything less than 6 roots would be detrimental. This was what Dale planned on attaining, if he had the chance.


If one used Heavenly Natural Energy, the Seed formed would have 7 to 9 roots. This type of Seed was considered elite, and the best. True masters of Law had Seeds with a foundation of this size, according to the Scholar Shen. From here reaching the advanced level of mastery in Law was only a matter of time, and reaching what Scholar Shen called the “Grandmaster” realm was possible. It was very rare to have this many roots on a foundation, according to the Scholar.


Dale examined the Seed of Darkness before him, excitement running flush in his veins. He looked closely at the orb of black darkness roughly the size of his fist, looking at the multiple roots that expanded out of the bottom of the sphere.


“One…two…three,” He began counting out loud,


“four…five…six,” an edge of excitement filled him as he realized he had surpassed the Basic level and entered the Mature level.


“Seven…eight…” Dale spotted two more roots off the bottom edge. He swiveled closer, having gone back inside his Titanic Sea to observe for roots. A huge grin covered his face as he searched, happiness filling him.


“Nine!” Dale shouted triumphantly, clapping his hands together.


He paused.


“Ten?” Dale looked at the base of the orb in shock, not understanding.


In the Scholar Shen’s notes, the maximum number of roots one could grow for a foundation was 9. Growing anything past that was supposedly impossible. 9 roots were considered a Perfect Foundation for a Seed, and would allow one to directly begin the second step of mastering a Law.


Right now, however, Dale had discovered a Seed in his soul that clearly had 10 roots. Something that was unprecedented and not listed in the Scholar’s notes.


He stood still for a few minutes, observing and studying the Seed. After a while, he shrugged, simply accepting it as fact. He would worry over why he had 10 roots later, and for now was simply grateful at the unexpected windfall.


The Seed had taken root and formed inside his Titanic Sea. It seemed to have grow into his Sea and its roots were spread throughout it. Dale remembered how he had never been able to fully use his Titanic Sea, despite reaching the required level of cultivation where his Soul should have been strong enough. It was only when the black roots fully spread throughout his Titanic Sea that he had been able to fully access the Sea and make use of it.


Originally, Dale had assumed the roots had only given him some type of control over his Sea. Now, however, Dale thought it over.


The Seed required a great deal of energy to nourish and grow. For his Seed here to have grown so many roots, especially when he considered the fact that he had never taken in any Natural Energy to his knowledge, it would have taken an enormous amount of nourishment.


What if the reason he had been unable to control his powers hadn’t been because he couldn’t control his Titanic Sea, but rather, the Seed here was absorbing and controlling the energy to nourish itself? Now that the roots had fully formed, they no longer leached all the energy that he needed from his Sea, instead just expanding when his Sea increased in size.


It was a powerful relationship. After all, something like a Sea was bound to be incredibly rare. They were, after all, Divine Abilities. Dale had yet to see anyone use a Divine Ability in this world, the only possible exception being the odd transformation the arrogant Tian Shou had used. Dale was uncertain on what exactly that technique was.


However, this Seed before Dale was clearly able to feed and nourish itself off the energy in his Titanic Sea, allowing it to grow at a rate that would otherwise take decades of time. Dale smiled as he nodded his head, pleased.


The pulsing sensation thumped again, drawing Dale’s attention back to where he had originally been investigating.


Just past his dormant Angelic Sea and clashing Titanic Sea, Dale found the origins of the pulsing energy.


Floating just a few feat above his fully recovered Draconic Sea was a small yellow orb, almost identical to the black orb located in his Titanic Sea.


“Another Seed?!” Dale gaped.


He floated over to the glowing, fist sized yellow orb, examining it. Small sparkles of electricity flowed over it, running around in chaotic circles. Lightning could be seen roiling around inside the orb. It was nearly identical to the orb the Yellow Thunder Beast had tried to absorb.


“That orb… What exactly was it?” Dale was certain it hadn’t been some type of calm Natural Energy. The pain that had seared his body upon touching it had been shocking, and the orb itself had badly injured the Yellow Thunder Creature as it absorbed it.


Dale also remembered the fist sized globe of energy that had slipped off the giant orb of lightning energy, and slammed into him, knocking him unconscious. This orb here was the same orb he had seen before he woke up. He was unsure what happened afterwards.


From this Seed, Dale could see a single, tiny root sticking out of it.


This tiny root was perhaps an inch long, nowhere near as long as the very long, expanded roots from his other Seed. Dale mentally named the black Seed his Seed of Darkness. He decided to call this Seed here his Seed of Thunder.


This tiny, inch long root was currently stretching out towards Dale’s Draconic Sea, as if trying to reach it. Dale watched the Seed curiously for a moment before lightly reaching out and grasping ahold of it.


Immediately, Dale felt a slight tingling sensation. He felt his body suddenly become a miniscule amount more resistant to electricity. He also felt as if he had gained an extremely small amount of understanding on what thunder is. It was just an extremely vague concept, however, nowhere near fully grown.


Dale nodded. This followed exactly what the Scholar Shen had said in his notes.


When one had formed a Seed of Law in one’s soul, the Law Cultivator would have to cultivate and nourish the Seed, allowing it to grow. Once it reached a sufficient form, the cultivator would then begin absorbing the knowledge and understanding that the Seed had formed through its growth. Dale’s Seed of Darkness was extremely fully grown and contained an enormous amount of knowledge. When Dale initially tried to grasp ahold of it, he had been knocked backwards, temporarily stunned. It would take him a long time to digest and absorb the knowledge his Seed of Darkness had formed.


His Seed of Thunder, on the other hand, only had a single root, and it could barely be called a root. It was, from his understanding, a rather weak Seed right now. Still, it was a Seed nonetheless, and he was pleased with it. He had two separate Seeds in his Soul now. According to the Scholar, he would need to grow the roots out before he tried to absorb anything, for without any roots, he could only gain a vague impression of the Laws of Thunder.


At least, he assumed it was the Laws of Thunder. The Scholar’s writing made note of the fact that there were two different types of Laws. The Mortal Laws, and the Immortal Laws. Mortal Laws could be mastered by mortals, while Immortal Laws could only be mastered by Immortals. The Scholar had noted in his early writing that these were only rumors, however. The knowledge on how to study an Immortal Law or gain an Immortal Law Seed was something the Scholar had no information on in his early notes.


As Dale watched the Seed, he noted that the root at its based twitched again. It directly seemed to be trying to reach his Draconic Sea.


Curious, Dale pushed the Seed downward, floating so that he was just above the Sea. He then submerged the Seed in the energy pool of his Draconic Sea.


Immediately, a small flash of light blinded Dale. He blinked, clearing his vision. When he looked back down at his Draconic Sea, he looked down in surprise at the Seed of Thunder he had just placed there.


The single root at its base had grown by at least several inches, and was now firmly entrenched in his Draconic Sea, in a manner similar to his Seed of Darkness. Dale watched it for a few more moments. The Seed, he noted, was slowly growing, at a pace of around a quarter of an inch every five minutes.


“Good, good.” Dale rubbed his hands together.


Knowing that his Titanic Sea had nourished his Seed of Darkness and helped it grow, Dale wasn’t too surprised. He was, instead, delighted. Clearly, the energy Seeds of Law’s required to grow was related to the energy used to fuel Divine Abilities.


At this exact moment, Dale’s Soul landscape wavered around him. He saw the fog filled world around him flash brightly, as if shaking. He blinked several times, his eyes closing shut as he shivered, trembling. A moment later, he slowly opened his eyes, his movements drowsy as if he had just waken up.


As soon as he opened his eyes, he shut them. The area around him was bright, much too bright. After a few moments, the pain in his eyes died down and he slowly opened them again, giving them time to adjust.


He was laying down, upon a comfortable bed. He blinked several times as he sat up, looking around at a large, brightly lit room, covered in stained glass windows in which bright sunlight gleamed through. The chamber was very tall, the roof at least three dozen meters away from his head. The furnishings all around Dale were very nice, not exactly high quality like what he would expect in a palace, but certainly very well made.


“Ah, you have woken up. You were in a bit of an odd state there.”


Dale looked over to the foot of his bed. A middleaged man wearing a bright blue robe with rigid, shoulders that faired out looked back. Small twinkles of light glittered around this man’s head as he looked down at Dale.


“Doctor Saron!” Dale yelped, looking at the Doctor with a startled glance. He immediately went on guard, not completely trusting the doctor.


However, before he could say anything, the doctor smiled and turned around.


“No, as long as you are awake, I am sure you will recover. I’m not here to talk to you now, though I do hope you will consider my previous offer to you.” The man walked over to the door, opening it and making a waving motion.


“Someone else would like to have a word with you.” Doctor Saron exited the room, allowing an elderly gentleman wearing a simple brown robe to walk in.



“City Lord!”



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