Darkness in the Heavens – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31



The Yellow Thunder Beast raised its sole arm up to the giant ball of energy and stretched his hands towards it as if commanding it to flow into him. Immediately, the enormous ball of energy began to flow towards the creature, slowly absorbing into its outstretched arm. As the energy crackled into the creature, the fur on its arm turned black, burning. The creature’s entire body shook as it absorbed the energy, as if it absorbing the energy was injuring it.


Dale, meanwhile, continued to run towards the beast, not willing to give it time to fully absorb the energy. His Titanic Sea was running very low in energy; he had perhaps a minute of time to maintain his Titanic Transformation before his Sea drained away. His Draconic Sea was faring better but not by much, mostly due to its comparatively small size. His Angelic Sea remained as it always did, inaccessible and unchanging.


The closer Dale got to the creature, the heavier the air became. He felt as if a suffocating pressure was slamming down upon his body as he ran forward, slowing him down.


It wasn’t enough to fully stop him, however. Dale kept jogging forward, eventually slowing his speed to a simple walk.


Gravity had enhanced itself to a massive degree. Dale felt as if his body was ten times heavier than it normally would be. Every step he made required a large amount of force, and manipulating the energy in his body became harder and harder the closer he got to the giant lightning ball.


He was 10 meters from the Yellow Thunder Beast when the creature turned to look at him, its bird like face twisting and staring.


Dale took a few more steps forward. His progress had slowed to a crawl, but he continued to persevere, getting closer and closer.


In Dale’s eyes, under this enormous pressure, the creature was likely defenseless. It wouldn’t matter that he was unable to land a powerful blow as long as the beast continued to be occupied.


Dale took another step forward. The distance between him and the Yellow Thunder Beast had shortened to be about 7 meters away by now. The air around him felt as if it was physically constricting him, gravity at least 20 times the normal limit. The ground beneath him spread out in a webwork of cracks as he took slow methodical steps forward.


Dale felt his bones shift as he entered within 5 meters of the Yellow Thunder Beast. His muscles and bones, despite being toughened by his Divine Ability, creaked dangerously, the enormous pressure focused down on Dale stretching them to their limits.


As Dale grew closer, so too did the ball of lightning grow closer to the Yellow Thunder Beast. The massive ball of energy was siphoning off towards the creature, still being absorbed. Roughly a third of the ball of energy had been fully absorbed by the Yellow Thunder Beast.


As the Yellow Thunder Beast had been absorbing the lightning, Dale heard a small screeching sound emit from its beak. The flesh of the Yellow Thunder Beast expanded and shrank back down, over and over, as if its body was refining itself. The ground beneath the Yellow Thunder Beast split apart as it continued to absorb the energy, massive cracks spreading throughout the entire chamber.


Dale entered within 3 meters of the Yellow Thunder Beast.


At this point, Dale realized that the screeching sound he heard was the Yellow Thunder Beast shrieking in pain. Despite it being an entirely different race of creature, pain was a universal concept, one that the Yellow Thunder Beast emanated clearly.


It had never shown a single sign of pain during the previous battles, not even when it sliced its own leg off, or when Dale cut its arm off. Yet this ball of lightning energy forced the creature to scream out, albeit at a low tone.


Dale felt the outside of his skin start to lightly burn, turning a pinkish red. With every step that he had taken, the air around him had grown progressively hotter. Right now, Dale felt like he was in the center of a furnace, a furnace that was experiencing a super gravity weight.


Dale took another step forward. Sweat fell from his head in drivels, the heat and sheer pressure pressing down upon him incredibly restrictive. The Yellow Thunder Beast was, if anything, faring worse, its body trembling as well. A bright white glow began to be emitted from where its right arm used to be as energy from the lightning ball began to flow into that area, breaking off from above.


Dale entered within 2 meters of the Yellow Thunder Beast.


His vision began to waver. Light began to twist together as the weight around him increased to be over 50 times regular gravity. He was barely able to keep standing, let alone continue walking forward. His entire body ached, as if a million hammers were smashing down upon him at once. He felt his Titanic Sea begin to rain away the last scraps of energy.


Dale entered within 1 meter of the Yellow Thunder Beast.


He was now close enough to stretch out and touch the creature. Gravity had increased to a degree where Dale was no longer able to measure how much heavier it was. His Perfect Balance was unable to be maintained, the immense pressure forcing away the energy he used to detect change. His Titanic Sea fluttered about, using its last droplets of energy to power Dale’s movements.


The Yellow Thunder Beast stared at Dale, it’s eerie pure black eyes staring at Dale eerily. It was defenseless, unable to take any action as it constantly absorbed energy from the giant glowing ball.


Straining every muscle in his body, feeling unconsciousness begin to loom, Dale did the only thing he could, raising his right arm up towards the Yellow Thunder Beast. As the weight of what felt like a thousand worlds crashed down on him, Dale’s right hand tapped against the Yellow Thunder Beast’s chest.


Instantly, lightning energy slammed into Dale’s body, permeating his flesh and shocking him. A small explosion of light formed where Dale’s hand touched the beasts, strange yellow and white symbols flowing into his hand. He felt an overwhelming sensation of pain as lightning energy from the giant ball shocked into him, almost knocking him senseless. Dale saw the mark his a hand burn itself into the fur and flesh of the Yellow Thunder Beast, searing its skin.


This virile lightning energy immediately set out to destroy his body, burning his hand and flesh badly. Small cracks formed on his skin, the sheer ferocity inherent in the lightning energy something his skin alone could not handle.


His natural regeneration began to combat the wounds, healing them as quickly as possible. Dale focused his Will on healing as well, feeling his regeneration fail in light of his nearly empty Titanic Sea.


The last things Dale saw before a second explosion of white light sent him flying and knocking him unconscious, draining the last of his Titanic Sea away, was a fist sized globe of lightning energy fly directly into his chest and an old man with a fishing rod rush into the room, dashing towards the Yellow Thunder Beast.







An unknown location, far away



The darkness of the Void loomed, surrounding this floating island in a sea of black nothingness. No other floating islands were visible near this one, and very little light permeated down here. The sky above was pitch black, with only a very faint haze of light coming from above.


This floating island was large. Around fifty miles far and wide, shaped like a large oval, there was little to no wild life or forestry on this island, just a few small stretches of dead trees and the bones of the dead.


Large stone obelisks could be seen on this island, shooting upwards into the sky. These stone obelisks were huge, easily a hundred meters tall and a dozen meters in width and length, and were covered in strange runes and carvings. A total of 32 of these stone pillars could be seen on the floating island, spread out in a pentagonal pattern. They surrounded a large stone platform that stood at the center of this floating island, a large pavilion that glowed a very faint red color.


Connecting from every single stone obelisk was a long, pure white chain that pulled towards the direct center of this platform. 32 chains connected the 32 pillars to the center of this platform, chains that locked down and surrounded an unconscious figure lying in the middle of this platform. The chains obscured the features of this figure, blocking it from sight.


Of these 32 chains, roughly three quarters of them glowed with a red light, similar to the glow that came off the platform in the center.


A heavy, oppressive air hung about this platform, such that the gravity in this area was enhanced multiple times, similar in feeling to what Dale had felt near the glowing ball of lightning energy.


From the darkness of the void, a number of figures began to appear. These figures were wrapped in dark black robes, obscuring most of their features and body. Some were large, with bulging muscles, while other figures were slimmer, lean and powerful. A total of seven figures appeared.


These figures all had two things in common, however, despite their obvious differences.


They all gave off extremely powerful auras, deadly strength emanating off them like waves from the ocean. Their power was to a degree that would be unfathomable if Dale were to sense it, seemingly endlessly strong. Natural energy flowed around these creatures in small vortexes, intensely present yet, at the same time, not affecting the world around them at all.


And they all looked similar to the Yellow Thunder Beast, with a long hooked beak extending off their face.


“A new brother has arrived.” One of the figures spoke, a male voice coming out of one of the more muscular figures. This man had a long, black halberd attached to the back of his robes, and spoke with an air of authority. A powerful, earthy air surrounded this figure, as if he was a mountain that could not be moved.


“Indeed.” One of the leaner figures said, a being that had a short katana strapped to his waist. An electrical aura similar to that of the giant ball of lightning energy Dale had sensed surrounded this figure. “He broke through to this Realm in the Western section of the Great Inner Sea. I have personally sensed him bond with his Primal Seed.”


Silence ruled for a few moments as the seven figures there paused. Several of them shifted to look down upon the figure that was covered in chains, locked against the several pillars located in the surrounding area. All of the figures floated in the air above this central platform.


“This brings our number up to 8. Sufficient for the last 8 Seals.” A third figure broke the silence after a few minutes, a small figure that wielded no visible weapons. Icy cold energy flowed around this being like a snake, wrapping itself tightly.


“Correct. We have sealed this Realm for so long, and yet the energy inherent was barely able to break 24 of the Lord’s Seals. With our 8th brother joining us, we should be able to break the last Seals in a matter of a few short years. All we need now are suitable life and energy sources.” This came from a forth figure, one garbed in what could only be described as living fire.


A solemn silence passed for a few moments as the figures floating in the air appeared to study each other. Then, a fifth figure spoke up, his voice declarative and loud, a confident voice that bespoke wisdom and intelligence. This figure was wrapped in a resplendent black robe and had the aura of a king, full of grace and power. A purple air surrounded this figure, and instead of a weapon, the creature wielded a short black scepter.


“Well that is that, brothers. It is time for us to resume the hunt.”




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7 months 9 days ago

Well, Great chapter ofc, but The ToC Needs to be updated… It’s a bit annoying to get to the newest chapter ^-^/~ Fantastic read though, ofc :3

7 months 9 days ago

lightning energy get!!
although it seems a bit odd that it just flew in on its own

7 months 9 days ago

It would seem that the Lightning Seed was preformed and was only waiting for a suitable wielder… the yellow beast was forcing the connection, but when Dale got involved it liked him and “bonded”. Now onto whether those guys are evil or just determined to free there Lord at any cost.

7 months 9 days ago

so you think dale stole this chickens seed and became the eighth person?
hopefully the old guy doesn’t notice
wonder if the chicken will survive

7 months 9 days ago

I doubt the “chicken” will survive. More than likely killed by city lord and given to Dale as the “rightful” owner for the spoils of the fight. And doesnt Dale have 2 Pure Primal Seedlings with 1 being a Chaos and the other a Darkness(?) Pure Primal Seedling already?

7 months 8 days ago

Yes he has a Darkness Seed in his Titanic Sea and a Chaos Seed in his Angelic Sea. The “chicken” is probably already dead from the explosion and the city lord might not have even noticed the lightning if he came after the explosion or during it. He already knows that some powerful techniques have a backlash on the user so he might think it was a technique like that instead of something else as he’s only seen Dale in passing and paid almost no attention to him.

7 months 7 days ago

well if this seed is as high a level as the other two it would be annoying cause he probs won’t be able to use it for a while
unless the reason he cant use the other two seeds is cause he doesn’t recognize them for what they are

3 months 29 days ago

Thanks for the chapter.

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