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After many years of preparation, Sirus had finally avenged his father. Unfortunately, with the vengeance came a price. His life. Hoping to finally reunite with his father in a higher realm, Sirus was unexpectedly sent somewhere else. He was teleported to a place called, God’s Domain. In this place, he learned that he would receive a second chance at life. But there was a catch. The world of his reincarnation would be a world of beasts. A world where the strong rule while the weak cower in fear. A brutal world where the strong make the rules. In his lust for thrill, power and adventure, Sirus agreed to the challenge of being reborn as a beast and taking on a new world.

Release Schedule

Sunday and Maybe Wednesday or Thursday.


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature

Book 1

Chapter 1 – God
Chapter 2 – Egg
Chapter 3 – Red Wing Bird
Chapter 4 – New Life
Chapter 5 – Problem
Chapter 6 – Secret
Chapter 7 – Progress
Chapter 8 – Important Guest
Chapter 9 – Father
Chapter 10 – Disciple
Chapter 11 – Depart
Chapter 12 – Battle of Beasts
Chapter 13 – Layer
Chapter 14 – Hunt
Chapter 15 – Evolution
Chapter 16 – Maxim
Chapter 17 – Fly
Chapter 18 – Conflict
Chapter 19 – Spell
Chapter 20 – Silver Wood Village
Chapter 21 – Granny
Chapter 22 – Clash
Chapter 23 – Spiritual Sense
Chapter 24 – Return
Chapter 25 – Registration
Chapter 26 – Know Your Place
Chapter 27 – Preparation
Chapter 28 – Undead Ruins
Chapter 29 – Grandmaster Stage
Chapter 30 – Magical Artifacts
Chapter 31 – Seeking Power
Chapter 32 – Chaos Energy
Chapter 33 – Let the Competition Begin
Chapter 34 – Samuel’s Prowess
Chapter 35 – Giving Face
Chapter 36 – Golden Striped Family
Chapter 37 – Round of 16
Chapter 38 – Entertaining
Chapter 39 – The Higher You FLy, The Harder You Fall
Chapter 40 – Rock, Paper, and Scissors
Chapter 41 – Next Round
Chapter 42 – Even Battle
Chapter 43 – Variant Element
Chapter 44 – Gono
Chapter 45 – Slap Yourself
Chapter 46 – Four Great Schools of the Capital
Chapter 47 – Treasure Tomb Group
Chapter 48 – Planning
Chapter 49 – Towards the Undead Ruins
Chapter 50 – Feathered Clan
Chapter 51 – Dark Wood Forest
Chapter 52 – Trouble Approaching
Chapter 53 – Generosity
Chapter 54 – Heads Rolling
Chapter 55 – Entering the Undead Ruins


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Sir Sir Fall
6 months 8 days ago

I want new chapter q.q

5 months 10 days ago

is this fiction dead? haven’t heard a thing in what feels a while and no message regarding the lack of chapters.

4 months 22 days ago

he dropped this?

Chance Thompson
Chance Thompson
7 months 19 days ago

Cool you added this novel

7 months 18 days ago

haha, how did you find this? we haven’t even announced it 😛

7 months 11 days ago

all is possible in the internet

7 months 10 days ago

Chapter 43 link is broken

7 months 10 days ago

Could you please tell us exactly where it’s broken? I have checked everything, and the links on that page seem to be working fine

6 months 12 days ago

Hi. I read up to chapter 35 and quite liked it. Just one thing that keeps bothering me: why they need to use\train with weapons when it was clearly said that they are much stronger in beast form, and human form is just for probing enemy?

5 months 29 days ago

Just one thing on the synopsis, the punctuation makes it read like a car that’s running out of gas, stopping and starting,

5 months 3 days ago

I really love this novel you’ve made, so I beg of you not to create a harem as that ruins a novel 99.99999999% of the time.

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