OV Chapter 37.5

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Chapter 37.5 – Interlude – The Madness Moves

Some time ago…

no no no No No No NO NO NO NO NO! NO!! NO!!!

They planned this. They drew us HERE. It’s their FaUlT!

damn them

burn them


bury them

They’re dead, all of them. They were caught by the rageraging earth. Rage. They were perfect and no~~~oo~w they’re gone.

blame disgusting punish torture them


The mountain, damnablemountainoffire, it was in our WAY! Destroyed them! the mountainDESTROYED!


your fault


But really, it was all too perfect wasn’t it? “It appeared on the mountain”, it said, led us right to it. they burned And as soon as my army sets foot on the base, it blew its top.  come back Really, well played, well played.

But they’ll regret it. Haha, oh yes they will. kill them we’ll come back stronger, and when we come back we will decimate them. This world will shake under our feet, and the wind itself will quiver in fear at our might. Not even the mighty mountain will stand in our way.

breed many



the young will thrive

And when I find them





The great one moved, but it was quickly routed by the volcano. I could feel its madness even from here. Such poor planning had cost it a great number of its children, not that it ever really seemed to plan in the past. If they bothered to feel around their surroundings a bit more, it would have been obvious. The incomprehensible conqueror knew that.

But there came a sudden, dark calmness about the great one. Troublesome. Is this worry? Surely not, it merely adds new possibilities, requiring new contingencies. It is still not a threat to my children. As long as they remain up there, and we remain down here, our paths shall never cross. Even if they build machines to bring them to us, we will go where their machines cannot follow. As always I shall watch and see what they do and plan accordingly. Our future is secured.

For now.

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